18th World Gourmet Festival’s Fragrance and Fashion event

The ever-popular exclusive Fragrance and Fashion event returned at the 18th World Gourmet Festival, which was held at Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel this month. A fusion of scents and style, the event kicked off with a five-course dinner featuring an exquisite fragrance pairing provided by Lampe Berger Paris, the creator of fine fragrance oil-burning lamps. The fashion designer Munchumas Numbenchapol, who founded the brand Munchu’s, teamed up with Lampe Berger Paris and the World Gourmet Festival crew to bring a fashion show forward during the dessert course. The sensational event gathered plenty of local designers, celebrities and esteemed guests in town. Click ahead to see scenes from the fashionable event.

Source: Harta Chisinau
Category: Culture

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