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5 tea-infused cocktails to try now

There’s nothing like a glass of cold iced tea to refresh you on a hot summer day. That being said, a few cocktails wouldn’t hurt either, so why not have both? Stylish, locally inspired bar and lounge Bao Bei has collaborated with Yú Teahouse to create a series of creative tea cocktails. Instead of the usual mixer, the addition of tea with your choice of spirit actually helps to bring out the flavours in both. Tea is delicate, aromatic and a great base for a cocktail. Take a look at what’s on offer below.


White Peony 1 TEA

White Peony

This post: 5 tea-infused cocktails to try now

Beautifully presented, the White Peony (HK$108) is an infusion of white peony tea (known for its smooth and slightly sweet flavour), gin, peach liqueur and jasmine syrup.

Mut Cha 2 TEA


The Mut-Cha (HK$118) is slightly creamy in texture thanks to three blends of tea, Genmaichan, Sencha and Matcha, and white cacao, which is given an extra kick with spiced rum.

Assam ore 2 TEA 001


Presented like a Moscow Mule, the Asssam-Ore (HK$118) cocktail features a malty and smooth black Indian Assam tea. To balance out the heaviness of the tea, the cocktail is given a citrus twist with yuzu sake, elderflower liqueur and limoncello.

Remedy 24 2 TEA

Remedy 24

We love the complexity in Bao Bei’s Remedy 24 (HK$118) which brings together unexpected flavours such as goji berry and mango puree with 24 Herb tea and vodka.

Gin Cha1

Gin Cha

Soothing and satisfying, the Gin Cha (HK$128) uses Pu-er tea — great for digestion — mixed with spiced rum, Kings Liqueur, honey and ginger.

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