7 Looks We Loved From Dior’s ‘Hyper-Modern’ Pre-Fall 2019 Collection

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This post: 7 Looks We Loved From Dior’s ‘Hyper-Modern’ Pre-Fall 2019 Collection

Kim Jones, Dior Men’s artistic director, is building his vision for the brand and his Pre-Fall 2019 collection, showcased yesterday in Tokyo, exhibited just how definitive that vision is. With a collection focused on ‘vintage-futurism’, elements like hyper-detailed metallics, iridescent separates and neon-tinted colourways gave a peek into Jones’ idea of modern elegance. The #DiorPreFall collection embraced Japanese culture and its interpretation of ultra-modern dressing. To reinforce this, Jones commissioned legendary Japanese illustrator Hajime Sorayama to create a nearly 40 ft sculptural centerpiece of a female figure made from silver Mylar to grace the runway. Sorayama has also designed some pieces in the collection, including accessories. Men’s dressing was never meant to be conservative, Jones’ seems to be saying; instead be radical, be dynamic.

The collection was quite eclectic at its core, with houndstooth and asymmetrical aesthetics fused with monochromatic colour palettes and splashes of neon. Jones ensured there was diversity and dynamism in his work, and strives to carry Dior’s heritage further with an entirely different vision of chic. Here are seven looks that caught our attention.

gettyimages 1075104422

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Reflective puffer jacket and black trousers, paired with black ankler boots. Add to it a retro backpack trend, and you have high-octane casual chic.

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Metallic finished navy-ribbed sweater with a blue/green reflective torso fastener, paired with sleek navy trousers and black boots.

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This gray, single-buttoned coat worn over a floral turtle neck, and with gray trousers and ankle boots, walks the line between elegant and rugged.

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The quintessential ‘hyper-modern’ look from the collection: A grey and black turtleneck sweater with white striped detailing and Dior logo print worn over gray cropped trousers and black boots.

GettyImages 1066751218


The school-yard themed snap cap and all-over print sling backpack accessorised a wide fitted neck-zipped black bomber jacket with trousers to match.

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gettyimages 1075104386

Modern-graphic gray/black metallic bomber jacket balanced out with standard navy trousers and black boots.

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A black slim coat with a strap fastener against its lapel, worn over a gingham waistcoat and trousers. And solid black boots to keep in line with the monochromatic trend.

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