Alia Bhatt wore a Manish Malhotra patchwork lehenga for her mehendi

There is no match for India’s craft history and design vocabulary. So when Alia Bhatt wore a Manish Malhotra patchwork lehenga for her Mehendi it was an ode to this heritage. We take a closer look at the lehenga that boasted approximately 180 textile patches and sparked conversations on sustainability.

After many moons, there’s finally a celebrity wedding that is sure to set trends in the world of Indian weddings and celebrity culture. From an intimate home ceremony to elegant attire, the Alia-Ranbir wedding is certainly a trailblazer. It’s opened conversations on the approach to celebrity weddings. Is there a need for extreme secrecy when you know that the whole country is watching every move with bated breath? Is there a need for extreme opulence and lavish displays or is simplicity the way forward? And most importantly, can brides finally move past the cookie-cutter culture of wearing similar outfits. The #RaLiaWedding certainly bought to light these issues, all the while making us swoon with the simple gestures and details that truly made it a unique celebrity wedding.

This post: Alia Bhatt wore a Manish Malhotra patchwork lehenga for her mehendi

While there has been a lot of conversation around Alia Bhatt’s ivory and gold Sabyasachi sari wedding look, there is one more sighting that’s equally notable and game-changing. For her mehendi ceremony, Alia Bhatt wore a Manish Malhotra patchwork lehenga that stood out not just for its design but the fact it was made from leftover textile patches (from other bridal lehengas). The pink Manish Malhotra patchwork lehenga was custom-made for the actress and symbolises her personal journey and memories. The patchwork lehenga was inscribed using Kashmiri and Chikankari threads and took over 3,000 hours of intricate handwork by Mijwan women. The fuchsia pink lehenga and blouse were embellished with real gold and silver nakshi and kora flowers, and vintage gold metal sequins from Kutch. “The patches are woven together using a couture technique of cross-stitches with three tar and six tar anchors. Edged in real gold zari and appliques, this handwoven silk ensemble also carries Banarasi brocades, jacquard, bandhani, Kachha Resham knots, and some scraps from brides’ earlier outfits and detailing from #ManishMalhotraArchives,” shares the designer. The vast gamut of craft and embroidery techniques paired with the contemporary style certainly made this piece one that will be remembered for years to come.

Glimpses from the #RaLiaWedding with Alia Bhatt in a Manish Malhotra patchwork lehenga:

Photography: House On The Clouds. All Images: Courtesy Manish Malhotra. 

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