All the collections we loved from #KLFWRTW2016

Before you say “Oh no, not another Fashion Week post”, we promise this is our final recap of the all the fashion mayhem from last week’s Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready-To-Wear 2016. While Day 1 seemed like it would never end, Day 5 came all too fast, and now, it’s been almost a week since. We decided the perfect roundup would be a compilation of our favourite collection from the five days at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Flip through to see which designers made the biggest impressions on us throughout this year’s KL Fashion Week.

KEL 3142

Adila Long

This post: All the collections we loved from #KLFWRTW2016

This collection was a feast for the eyes as Adila Long cleverly used print, colours and traditional Malay songket fabric to create supremely elegant outfits that had us wanting more long after the show.

KEL 7059

Alia Bastamam

The thing that always wows us about Alia’s creation is the way her designs flow effortlessly over the body donning it. This collection did just that with its various styles in flowy pants, relaxed shorts, figure-hugging skirts, and body-skimming dresses.

KEL 6246

Atelier Fitton

Possibly the most refined, and well put-together collection of the whole week, Atelier Fitton not only exuded class and style, but a whole lot of sexy as well. We absolutely adored every single outfit that came down the catwalk.

KEL 4693

Celest Thoi

Simple, fun and light, Celest Thoi’s collection in collaboration with Sarakichi featured soft pastels and flirty layers of tulle that put us in the mood for a fun day out in the sun.

KEL 0401


One of the very few menswear designers on show this year, we love how the collection from Comoddity retained traditional masculine shapes but injected a modern feel by using bright colours and loud print.

KEL 7988

Fizi Woo

When we saw the outfits made entirely from peacock feathers, we nearly lost our minds. The attention to detail and texture that this designing duo put into their three collections that they showed was absolutely mind-blowing. Their show was definitely the perfect close to #KLFWRTW2016.

KEL 5949

Hayden Koh

Hayden Koh’s collection was elegance at its best with solid-coloured, figure-flattering fabrics fashioned into some of the classiest and most romantic designs to come down the runway this year.

KEL 0319

Innai Red

Innai Red caused quite a stir on the first day of Fashion Week with their pretty collection, featuring chic and trendy ensembles that would fit into a day of work, play, or both.

KEL 6731

Jimmy Lim

We liked the broody vibe of Jimmy Lim’s collection. The mostly dark collection featured structured pieces that aimed to awe with its texture and layers, with bits of shimmer, lace and brocade detail for a soft touch.

KEL 4307

Justin Yap

Justin Yap brought out the animal desire in us all with his jungle-inspired collection. Leaf motifs were seen in print and beading through the collection with various shades of green, yellow, orange and black.

KEL 1005

Kittie Yiyi

This was by far the quirkiest collection to hit the KL Fashion Week runway, and we loved how it showed off Kittie Yiyi’s personality to a T. This collection also gave us huge mermaid vibes with its fish scale outfits and ocean-inspired accessories.

KEL 5685

Melinda Looi

Everybody knows to expect nothing than stellar work from Melinda Looi, and of course, this internationally-acclaimed designer gave us her best work yet with vibrant colours, mesmerising textures and divine style.

KEL 7002


There was a playful vibe to Mimpikita’s collection and a simple but effective use of three colours – baby blue, baby pink and white. The looks were so chic yet so effortless.

KEL 3481

Nurita Harith

We think everybody was in awe of Nurita Harith’s collection with her elegant draping of fabrics in stunning tones of wine red, bronze and nude pink. This collection was femininity at its best.

KEL 4570

Rizman Ruzaini

This designer duo drew inspiration from Malaysia’s Independence Day in 1957 to create this gorgeous collection that featured pieces in military green and camouflage print. A few of the designs were wonderfully reminiscent of various traditional costumes that can be found in Malaysia.

KEL 4181

Sazzy Falak

These were one of those collections that blew us away unexpectedly – Sazzy did an amazing job with the stuctured silhouettes and use of traditional Malay songket fabric.

KEL 8253

Syaiful Baharim

Purples, oranges and mettalic touches were seen throughout, but seeing the gradation of the colours in the final walk in what got us hook, line and sinker with Syaiful Baharin’s collection.

KEL 3385

Syomirizwa Gupta

Huge prints were the focal point of Syomirizwa Gupta’s collection. We couldn’t help but fall in love with the pristine cuts and alluring silhouettes.

KEL 2268

Tarik Jeans by Jiman Casablancas

Jiman Casablancas helmed the creative direction of the Tarik Jeans collection to produced high-end-looking casual wear. The collection consists of denim jackets, jeans in different styles and graphic tees as well as a lone wrap à la Lenny Kravitz.

KEL 1998


Tsyahmi’s collection was sheer, shimmery and elegant with an ethereal feel — totally dreamy and definitely on our lust-have list.

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