Always ask these 10 things from your wedding photographer

Indian weddings are a full-blown event where couples love to capture every moment, right from ‘will you marry me?’ to the pheras. If there’s one person who’s extremely important other than your partner, that is your wedding photographer. We aren’t kidding! All thanks to social media, modern day marriages have set a standard for reportage-style documentary wedding photography today. Everyone wants to look their best and have a proof on the most important day of their lives.

And hence, it is important for you to research a little before making any bookings. Apart from asking about the costs and simply opting for the package, there are multiple things you need to interview your cameraman for. Take a look

This post: Always ask these 10 things from your wedding photographer

Ask these these essential questions to your wedding photographer before making a decision

Is it possible to see full wedding photo galleries from one of your previous projects?

Nowadays, almost every wedding photographer has a portfolio where they have their finest shots compiled. But, since they already have pitched their best work in those pictures, it’ll be a wise decision to view a full wedding gallery captured by them. This is to make sure you view their work in detail and then plan whether to give them a go ahead. 

Do you charge a travel fee?

Most people forget to ask this question and later receive added hidden charges in the bill. It’s important to ask your wedding photographer whether they will be reaching the venue at their own expense or will you have to pay..

What information do you need from us before the wedding day?

Apart from the timings and venue, there are a few details which your wedding photographer needs to know about. For example, who are the important people in your guest list? Who do you want to focus on and other important things like this. Otherwise, they might end up giving extra screen time to not-so-important guests and miss capturing the important ones.

Will there be different photographers capturing the event from all angles?

Since Indian weddings are a vast affair, one might need more than just one person centered on the stage. Usually, there are two or more photographers present at the ceremonies to supplement one in order to capture your event from different angles. Therefore, it is a relevant question to ask when you’re meeting your photographer for bookings.

How many hours are included in each package?

Wedding days are generally a prolonged event and it may take a whole day for rituals and nuptials to be done. So, you must ask for how long your wedding photographer is going to be there. It is necessary because you don’t want to miss out on important shots of ceremonies and other things.

Will you charge extra for colour correction and other specific edits we ask for?

What if you are not satisfied with some original clicks and want to give them a retouch? It is crucial to ask your photographer whether they charge extra for specific edits you may want.

When will we get all our wedding photos?

In a lot of cases, the wedding photographer ended up delivering the final pictures after a year. You definitely don’t want that to happen. Therefore, make sure to ask, “when will we receive the pictures?” and fix a date of delivery before booking.

Will we have the rights to the pictures?

This is an extremely critical question to ask. Many wedding photographers claim a copyright to the photos taken by them and they can raise an issue if you post your own pictures on social media without crediting them. So, it is recommended that you include a personal use copyright license in the contract before finalising it.

Will you be posting about our wedding on your website and social media?

One of the most obvious questions, which people often tend to miss, is whether the photographer is going to share your wedding photos on their own social media handle. A lot of photographers do that to maintain their portfolios. If you are uncomfortable with your private pictures doing rounds on the internet, you better ask this question in advance.

Can we include other wedding photographers too?

A lot of couples like to have a backup and, therefore, they appoint more than one wedding photographer. However, this might not go down very well with them. So, it’s better to interview your camera person before hiring another one.

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