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Best smokey eye makeup products to nail your party look

Mastering the smokey eye look is a blessing for makeup and beauty enthusiasts. From celebrities to social media influencers, everyone likes stunning their followers with the perfect smokey eye makeup. It’s one of the go-to looks preferred by everyone, be it for a red carpet event, drinks with friends or a date night. And why not! It makes you look sensuous indeed.

However, if done incorrectly, it can be a disaster. Yeah, we are talking about the dreaded raccoon eyes. (Unless you’re doing it for Halloween, of course!) But don’t worry as we are here with all the necessary tips, ideas and products that can help you complete a stunning makeup look.

This post: Best smokey eye makeup products to nail your party look

Must-have products for a natural smokey eye look

The must-haves for a natural smokey eye look include a subtle nude shade eyeshadow (preferably white matte), a brown eyeshadow for the outer lid, a blending brush, a gel-based eyeliner, black mascara and a pop of shimmer. The white and brown blend gives a natural look,  delivering a desired smokey effect.

Creating the smokey eye makeup look — step by step

Have you been looking for an easy, step-by-step guideline for the smokey eye look? We’ve got you covered!

  • You need an eyeshadow base, to begin with. Browns and greys create the best smokey effect for all skin tones.
  • The next step is to define your lower and upper lash line and the inner corners of your eyes with a pigmented eyeliner. You can use a gel-based one for an easy and prompt application.
  • Immediately after you apply the liner, blend it thoroughly using a mini brush. If the liner dries and sets, you won’t be able to smudge it.
  • Now layer the base and liner with a darker shade of eyeshadow like a charcoal grey. You can also pick navy blue or deep plum to stand apart. Be careful when you’re applying the shadow under your eyes. Gently press the brush on to the lower lash line and then smudge it using your fingers. That way, you can avoid a mishap and get a smokier finish.
  • Add the final touch by applying a smokey mascara. For a fuller look, you can layer it with double or triple coats.
  • If you want a shimmery look, run a glittery eyeshadow through the crease of your eyes. Don’t forget to smoothen it out over the lids.

Smokey eyes — makeup tips

While the smokey eye look might seem tricky at first, you can get better with practice. If you use the right products and know the techniques, creating a smokey effect isn’t a Herculean task. Here are a few tricks to get the perfect smokey eye look!

  • Never ditch the primer: Adding primer over your lids ensures that the eyeshadow and eyeliner stays intact and does not get smeared beyond your rims and eyelids.
  • Play with glitters: Besides going for the classic dark smokey look, you can also try adding a little shimmer to your lids. Layer your eyeshadow with some glittery gold, purple or deep green to create an impact.
  • Go beyond black: While black and brown are the most preferred shades for a smokey eye look, you can always experiment with other shades like dark olive, charcoal grey or a deep plum.
  • Keep it till your lower lashes: If you want to avoid a makeup faux pas, don’t go too far with your eye makeup. You can limit your blending to the lower lashes. Going beyond that might overdo it!
  • Blur the lines: Unlike a winged liner, the smokey effect isn’t meant to be precise. On the contrary, it’s supposed to be a bit smudgy but you need to do that artfully. Run a mini brush to gently blend your eyeshadow over your lids and the outer corners of your eyes.

Get a stunning smokey eye makeup look with the following products

Main & Featured image credit: Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

Anastasia Beverly Hills

This extravagant eye makeup collection from Anastasia Beverly Hills, is what you need for the perfect smokey eyes. You can pick a dark toned shadow from its 14 shades, 9 of which are ultra matte and the other 5 come with metallic finishes. The makeup set also has a dual-ended brush to help you blend the eye shadows smoothly, and a decent sized built-in mirror.

Image credit: Anastasia Beverly Hills


Define your eyes with this vegan, lightweight, crease-free eyeshadow primer from Milani. This primer gives you ample coverage and acts as the best eyeshadow base. Whether you’re stepping out for a brunch or a late-night event, the Milani primer can make you look stunning anywhere, anytime.

Image credit: Milani Cosmetics


If you like nude-ish shades, MAC’s crayon-textured kajal range is what you need to get your hands on. This kohl eyeliner can also be used as an eyeshadow, to add that smokey effect to your eyelids. The formula is highly pigmented to deliver rich colours without any unnecessary smudging.

Image credit: MAC Cosmetics

Bobbi Brown

You can’t go wrong with this Bobbi Brown eye blender brush. If you like using powdery eye shadows, this one might just be perfect for you. It helps set your concealer seamlessly by softening harsh edges or lines. Give your eyes a few sweeps and be a stunner!

Image credit: Bobbi Brown

Real Techniques

This eye makeup trio set by Real Techniques delivers professional-level results. That’s right! Their individual taper shapes let you apply the eyeshadow all over your lid without creasing. Besides, the heads are ultra plush making the application effortless. Accentuate your brows and lids with these brushes and make heads turn. The brushes are easy to clean and long-lasting too.

Image credit: Real Techniques

Pat Mcgrath

Say hello to the Celestial Divinity Luxe Quad crafted by Pat McGrath Labs. As the name suggests, this eyeshadow palette houses a spectrum of divine shades, from electric blue sparkle to glided champagne. These shades lend a smooth shimmer with a velvety finish, turning you into a diva in minutes!

Image credit: Pat McGrath

Tarte Cosmetics

Here’s a water-proof, richly pigmented, shimmery eye shadow from Tarte Cosmetics. The finely-milled, metallic pigment lends a mirror effect, making you look smoking hot. The shadow is long-lasting and has a curious texture — something between the smoothness of a powder and the sheen of a cream. The product is tested by ophthalmologists and is safe for contact lens users too.

Image credit: Tarte Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics

Eyeliners are a must to give an edge to your smokey eyes. The liquid eyeliner from Benefit Cosmetics has a matte finish and comes with a precision tip that helps you glide the solution effortlessly through your eye shape, with finesse. Let the good times roll all day long with this weightless liner.

Image credit: Benefit Cosmetics

Forest Essentials 1

For those preferring organic eye makeup products, Forest Essentials is one of the best options. Check out the clear lash serum crafted by the brand if you want to get fuller lashes and brows and make your smokey eyes look bolder. Infused with amla extract, fenugreek, cold-pressed castor oil, beeswax and vitamin E, this formula deeply nourishes the lashes and brows to strengthen them.

Image credit: Forest Essentials

Estee Lauder

Fortify your lashes with Estee Lauder’s luxurious lash multiplying mascara. The solution is packed with the goodness of Lash-Advancing Vitamin Complex that conditions your lashes, keeping them strong and smooth. The texture of the formula is mousse-like, lending a silky finish to your eyes.

Image credit: Estee Lauder

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Question: What is smokey eye makeup?

Answer: When you blend or diffuse an eyeshadow instead of gliding a single colour, it creates a dimension to deliver a smokey effect. You may use one shade and layer it up with other shades and textures. And, don’t forget to blend the edges.

Question: How to do smokey eye makeup?

Answer: You can create the smokey effect by using a dark eyeshadow and blending it into a lighter shade, with a brush. Basically, you can deliberately smudge the eyeshadow over your lids with a blending brush.

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