David Hugh’s Elysium: The chair that defies gravity

Imagine being weightless, just floating mid-air while watching an entire season of Narcos. That sounds divine.

But what if we told you that you don’t need superpowers — or be in space — to do that? We introduce the Elysium.

This post: David Hugh’s Elysium: The chair that defies gravity

Image credit: David Hugh

In Greek mythology, Elysium refers to a paradise where heroes — to whom gods granted immortality — were sent. Or in human terms, a place or state of perfect happiness. Which honestly, makes more sense for us mere mortals.

Entering this state of weightless bliss, though, comes at a price: Not an ancient Greek sacrificial ritual, but US$26,000 (S$36,144).

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Dr David Wickett is the inventor of the chair. (Image credit: David Hugh)

Its creator, Dr David Wickett, once envisioned a chair that could mimic the feeling of zero gravity. Fourteen years later, the British inventor and furniture designer has managed to blend art and science in his latest creation.

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Image credit: David Hugh

The intelligent design is derived from mathematics, with the Elysium attempting to recreate these concepts with an equation that comes down to the definition of posture against gravitational force. In the form of perfect ergonomics and soft, feathery comfort, your body is held upright yet reclined.

Central to the design is an advanced carbon fibre skeleton that engages perfectly with human form. It also employs patented frictionless technology that works as a virtual cam to move the body with ease, ensuring the body is always in balance. This is the reason why the Elysium gives the feeling of zero gravity.

The Elysium is not just sensationally cosy, but luxuriously eye-pleasing, too. It comes in Scandinavian leather in a variety of about 70 different colours. Each chair is handcrafted to perfection at David Hugh’s Cambridge workshop and offers two modes — either in lockable recline or free motion.

Image credit: David Hugh

Before splurging S$36,144 on the Elysium, you can try the chair out at Bang & Olufsen at Knightsbridge, London. But don’t contemplate too much, it is more affordable than a trip to space, after all.

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