Delvaux’s revisits the classics with Delvaux Diary collection

The house of Delvaux has been around since the beginning of Belgium – actually, they beat Belgium by a year. A look into their long standing history and beliefs reveal why this brand is well loved by both men and women all over the world.

Studio Team 1951
A picture of Delvaux’s studio team in 1951.

187 years ago, Charles Delvaux’s handcrafted trunks in his studio-shop window was admired by connoisseurs, most notably the royal family of Belgium. The leather goods house expanded its range and was also given the title of supplier to the court.

This post: Delvaux’s revisits the classics with Delvaux Diary collection

madame springbok nubuck cheyenne lezard camaieux rouge pourpre
A fur clad mini Madame bag, in a charming and rich red.

Recently last year, they opened a store in Singapore, the first in Asia. Under the lead of artistic director, Christina Zeller, the brand has gone from overly traditional to something with a good balance between the past and unconventional modernity. The company believes in understated pieces, to be a quiet bag that isn’t in high demand from the masses.

brillant gm box calf nude
The brand’s most classic, the Brilliant bag, which could cost upwards of S$6,000.

This season, the collection showcases a reinterpretation of bags from their archive of 3000 over designs. Fresh and refined, the series of bags, are made from a range of high gloss leather, to exotic alligator skins and wild boar furs.

Tempête GM Smoking Alligator Absinthe Kim Howells 01
A lime green Tempête bag, for the Delvaux Diary collection.

For their Delvaux Diary campaign, fashion devotees from across the globe have been parading down the streets Paris with these new colourful handbags.

Delvaux, 01-18/19, 6 Scotts Road, 228209, tel: +65 6636 0181

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