Editor Preetika Mathew on Lifestyle Asia India’s idea of luxury

Six months ago, when I started working on the editorial vision of Lifestyle Asia, the one thing I was certain of was the quality of content I wanted to create. In a world where news and information is being consumed from countless channels and platforms, how do you cut through the clutter? How do you make yourself heard? How does the reader know you exist?

While, of course, one can employ different marketing strategies, I believe that in the long run, it’s good content that survives. The quality of what you write, the subject that you explore from a different perspective. What the reader identifies as your voice. Yes, content is king.

This post: Editor Preetika Mathew on Lifestyle Asia India’s idea of luxury

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So, in Lifestyle Asia India, we’ve made the go-to destination for luxury lifestyle news and experiences. Our focus is quality coverage that has a wide reach and resonance. At the heart of it, we want to highlight what actually makes a product or experience unique, by writing about the narrative behind it. The thought; the process, material and craftsmanship; its story and its engagement with the person who experiences it; the indulgence it offers. And of course, the people creating it.


As part of this approach, we found that the interpretations of luxury are many – simplicity could be luxury, as could excess. India is the original home of luxury, but it is an idea that is still developing in the contemporary context. We wanted to explore this, and as a result, have created our first big launch series. The Luxury Makers. These are people we feel define luxury in the country today. Through their work, their lives, their ideologies. They personify ‘The Idea of Luxury’, which best resonates with the vision of Lifestyle Asia. Over the next month, we’ll unveil their stories, their work, and what puts them at the top of their game. And through them, you get to see our approach to the subject.

Here’s a sneak peek into what we have created.


Content Head: Preetika Mathew 

Director & Producer: Nanki Jassal 

Assistant to Director: Yohan Samuel Pissurlenker

DoP: Raoul Tandon 

Camera:  Saurabh Mukherjee 

Camera:  Omkar Potdar

Camera: Vaishnav Trivedi 

Editing: Raoul Tandon

Hair & Makeup: Omorfiá By Avan Hair & Beauty;  Naina Tahilramani 

Stylist: Miloni Shah

Interviewers: Preetika Mathew; Latha Sunadh 


The Luxurymakers is a series that features some of our favourite connoisseurs that define luxury in India. The series of interviews unravel in the coming weeks so watch this space to know more!

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