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Facetime: L’Occitane Harmonie Divine | Lifestyle Asia Kuala Lumpur

When we attended the press event for the launch of the L’Occitane Harmonie Divine held at The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur, it almost felt as though we stepped into a different world — one of relaxation and zen. There were masseurs on standby, ready to pamper our hands with a luxurious massage. Fellow media friends were lounged about in the comfortable armchairs, or across the sofas, and some even gave in completely to the tempting call of the bed in the guestroom.

The entire room was decked out in the L’Occitane Harmonie Divine sets at places where you’d typically use them — at the dressing table, by the bedside and even in the private massage room en suite. After an informative session on how we should use the products to gently massage them onto our face, we were given the L’Occitane Harmonie Divine Serum and L’Occitane Harmonie Divine Cream to try for ourselves.

This post: Facetime: L’Occitane Harmonie Divine | Lifestyle Asia Kuala Lumpur

Harmonie Divine 9
Dubbed as the flower that never fades, the Immortelle flowers are specially grown in Corsica for L’Occitane.

Two main ingredients star in the L’Occitane Harmonie Divine collection, the first being Immortelle Millésimée, or, ‘the flower that never fades.’ Carefully grown in Corsica, Immortelle oil is precious; one tonne of flowers sometimes produce only two litres of essential oil. This essential oil is extremely concentrated with an average of 30% of neryl acetate, a compound renowned for anti-inflammatory, healing properties that stimulate the growth of new skin tissue.

LOccitane Harmonie Divine Serum
Jania Rubens was found in the mineral-rich waters of Revellata Bay in Corsica.

The second superstar ingredient in L’Occitane Harmonie Divine is Jania Rubens — a curious red seaweed that continually regenerates, even from a very small, broken part. In partnership with the Submarine and Oceanographic Research Station in Corsica (STARESO), L’Occitane cultivates Jania Rubens in vitro in an aquarium that replicates its exceptional natural habitat. The pollution-free, 100% natural extract of Jania Rubens is carefully incorporated for its regenerative properties.

The L’Occitane Harmonie Divine Serum and Cream aims to restore harmony to our faces in three areas — skin texture irregularities and radiance, facial contours and volume and facial wellbeing. Our experience using both the serum and cream is in line with their research results. Skin feels smoother, looks brighter and wrinkle lines are reduced. We also felt our facial contours becoming more defined while the skin was fuller and plumper, for sure. Another really important thing to note, is that we definitely felt a spike in our inner harmony level. Maybe it’s how the products smelled and felt, together, but we experienced a sense of serenity and well-being when using them.

The L’Occitane Harmonie Divine Serum 30ml is priced at RM880 while the Harmonie Divine Cream 50ml retails at RM830.

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