Fitspiration: Trisha Kuck, Flyoga ambassador

Trisha Kuck is quickly becoming a rising star in Kuala Lumpur, and rightfully so. This former beauty pageant contestant dropped out of medical school to pursue a career in entertainment, and she is now an emcee and actress. Besides all this, Kuck finds time to keep her svelte figure in check by doing a whole host of fitness activities. Currently the ambassador of Flyoga, she tells us more about this gravity-defying form of exercise, as well as her other favourite workouts and guilty pleasures (or lack thereof).

Trisha loves the fitness and art combination of Flyoga.

Lifestyle Asia (LSA): Tell us about yourself

This post: Fitspiration: Trisha Kuck, Flyoga ambassador

Trisha Kuck (TK): I’m rather loud as I can’t seem to shut up sometimes, and babbling has became sort of my hobby. And I’m also a little crazy, but in the daring sense. I quit my life-long dream to be a doctor as a third-year medical student and am currently attempting to make a living off emceeing.

LSA: How did you get into acting and hosting?

TK: Upon quitting medical school, I joined Miss Astro Chinese International pageant and unexpectedly became firs runner-up. I then signed with Astro for a year, trying out hosting gigs. As for acting, I bumped into Debbie Goh at an event and she gave me my acting break with a major role in her new drama series which will be aired on NTV7 this December.

LSA: How did your fitness journey begin?

TK: I always love to try new things and I wanted to choose a sport that didn’t have much contact and one where I could calm my inner “wildness”. So I picked up yoga when I was 17, and was instantly hooked. This led to me getting my instructors certificate at the age of 21. I also love weights training, kickboxing and Muay Thai as well.

Trisha was a runner up in the Miss Astro Chinese International pageant.

LSA: What is Flyoga?

TK: Flyoga is Yoga using a hammock which provides support for total body conditioning and stretch activity with low stress on joints. Flyoga makes challenging yoga poses more achievable while giving similar benefits and training core balance.

LSA: How did you become the Flyoga ambassador?

TK: My Flyoga sifu who’s also the founder of Flyoga, Reiko Shalini Soo, asked me if I was interested to be the ambassador while I was doing the Flyoga instructor’s course, and I was totally overjoyed. I couldnt’ have said yes any quicker.

LSA: Why did you choose to do Flyoga over other forms of yoga?

TK: I chose Flyoga for its uniqueness. To me, it was a new challenge to balance and concentrate on the hammock. The whole anti-gravity concept makes me feel lighter and the thought of “flying” just makes me feel so beautiful!

LSA: What’s your favourite thing about doing Flyoga?

TK: I love that it’s a performance.  It’s an opportunity for me to combine a workout and these graceful movements to present as art.

LSA: Do you have a special diet to keep fit? What food is your guilty pleasure?

TK: What’s a diet? (Laughs) We should enjoy the delicious variety of food that we’re blessed with as long as we know what balance is, so there is no guilty pleasure.

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That feeling of being airborne, not to mention the physical benefits of the exercise, is what keeps Trisha in love with Flyoga.

LSA: Who or what are your fitness inspirations?

TK: No one and nothing in particular because every individual is unique. We should all feel comfortable and confident in what we believe is fit and healthy.

LSA: What are your fitness goals?

TK: I reach for new goals each day. For now, I’m working towards putting up an extraordinary performance for Murfest which is happening in November!

LSA: What other workouts would you like to try?

TK: I picked up Muay Thai and kickboxing again after leaving it three years ago. Now I’m on the roll again and train at ElitezMMA under Andy Teh.

Trisha recommends Flyoga to anyone who is up to taking on the challenges of a new experience.

LSA: What would you tell someone who has never tried flyoga?

TK: Don’t be afraid to try new things, what looks challenging can actually be achievable and extremely beneficial you in so many ways!

LSA: What’s your favourite workout music?

TK: When I’m at the gym or kickboxing, I like listening to EDM. For yoga, I listen to The Writing On The Wall which is music made especially for yoga.

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