Flight plan: 5 must-have travel essentials

We can’t help but feel envious whenever we see photographs of celebrities such as Rihanna or Gigi Hadid looking flawless even after stepping off a long-haul flight. After all, most of us common folk typically emerge with eyebags that go on for days, and are dressed in our comfiest sweatpants and worn-out sneakers.

That’s an unavoidable aspect of travel. As glamorous as our destination may be, the journey there may not necessarily be as stylish. Putting on a full face of makeup, body-hugging attire and high heels just sounds like a bad — and thoroughly uncomfortable — idea for a 12-hour flight, even if some celebrities seem to do so. (If you ask us, we’re pretty sure they get all dressed up right before the plane lands, just so they don’t get caught off-guard by the waiting paparazzi.)

This post: Flight plan: 5 must-have travel essentials

Our solution? Bring along items that can easily inject a dash of style to your airport ensemble. These may range from a chic scarf to will keep you warm on the plane, to sophisticated shades (so you can catch a few winks without feeling self-conscious) and simply a gorgeous piece of luggage. To get you started, here’s a guide to 5 practical yet effortlessly stylish travel essentials to consider for your next trip. From a Hermes cashmere and silk shawl inspired by Zulu culture (a tribe from South Africa) to the ultimate sleek carry-on luggage by Brics, you can now say goodbye to looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed when you disembark. Just don’t forget your passport.

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Classic Travel Collection, Aspinal of London

This classic travel collection by Aspinal of London will make sure you stay organised in style. Handmade from the finest burgundy red saffiano textured Italian calf leather and luxuriously lined in contrasting signature navy suede, the stunning collection is made up of two leather luggage tags, a leather passport cover with “PASSPORT” embossed on the front, as well as a classic leather travel wallet for foreign currency, bus tickets, travel documents and passports.

Price: RM1,385



Firenze Rolling Duffle, Brics

Every seasoned traveller knows that the secret to breezing through airport security is a carry-on luggage. Brics’ 21″ cargo rolling duffel in the brand’s signature cream colour is a stylish option. Fashioned in durable, easy to clean, embossed leather-like PVC with tanned leather trimmings, the brand’s signature rolling duffle will fit all your getaway needs.

Price: RM3,235



VVN Travel Cases, Louis Vuitton

Adorn your travel-sized Louis Vuitton perfume with the VVN Travel Cases. Crafted using leather, each Travel Spray case is practical and lightweight, making it ideal for travel. Sealed tight with a neat buckle, the 100ml and 200ml cases pack away and protect their bottles in style.

If you prefer the luxury of choice when you travel, the Flaconnier stores three travel-sized fragrances in a sleek trunk.

Price: RM2,037 (100ml travel case,) RM2,413 (200ml travel case,) RM62,040 (Flaconnier)

Balmainsunglasses e1495615000718


Cat-eye Acetate Sunglasses, Balmain

An oversized pair of sunglasses can automatically transform your look — and is perfect for concealing your puffy eyes after spending hours on the plane. The Cat-eye Acetate Sunglasses from Balmain will do just that.

The black and gold shades feature a black acetate and gold-tone metal frame, dark grey lenses, as well as a metallic plate with Balmain logo on the bridge.

Price: RM960



The Savana Dance Shawl, Hermes

A silk scarf is the go-to essential for quickly elevating an outfit. Depending on the weather, it can either keep you warm and cool you down — or save you from potentially awkward situations.

We love the Savana Dance Shawl from Hermes, which features Giant King Protea blooms (South Africa’s national flower), and is framed with a border of amazumpa motifs used in Zulu pottery. It is a collaboration between the Ardmore (a collective of Zulu, Zimbabwean and Sotho artisan potters) and Hermes.

Price: RM4,908

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