Glamping 101: Sleep under the stars with this S$100,000 tent

“Let’s go camping!” is probably one of the things you’ll never hear from your friends who complain about Singapore’s weather on the daily. The closest thing to nature these friends would agree to, would be on the shorelines of some beach resort in Thailand.

Staying at a luxuriant beach resort or a well-furnished lodge is always enjoyable. Yet, there’s also something so captivating about being up close with Mother Nature, taking in the sights and sounds of the magical earth we stand on.

This post: Glamping 101: Sleep under the stars with this S$100,000 tent

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Camping never looked this good.

If sweating it out in the great outdoors sounds too intense for you, go glamping (glamorous camping) instead, in the Autonomous Tent. Designed by architect Harry Gesner, the tent comes with solar panels, a high-tech composting toilet, and a full shower. It’s also equipped with a fireplace, a full bed, and sofas to lounge on.

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The tent that’s fully self-sufficient, leaving no trace when you pack up and go.

But what’s really special about this S$100,000 tent, is its portability. Although its set-up is meant to be a permanent fixture, it can easily be taken down and put back together again. The cocoon-like fabric covering the tent is strong enough to resist rot, mildew and pests.

The Autonomous Tent can be used in a variety of settings ranging from a yoga studio to a spa and cocktail lounge.

So, take this five-star tent to wherever you wish. From deserts to the forests, you can count on this cocoon to stay standing while you sleep peacefully.

The Autonomous Tent is priced at S$100,000 and is available for rent by certain hotels. 

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