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Glossier Lavender Balm Dotcom, DPTMNT and other new beauty launches

It doesn’t matter whether your bathroom cabinets are overflowing and your shower caddies are stuffed to the brim after some clever, much-needed Tetris-ing — there is always room for at least one more carafe of cream, serum and fragrance. Beauty Sweep is a roundup of the best new products launches you don’t want to miss this May 2022.

The “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” complex is not the most realistic working philosophy in the beauty industry, when new textures and ingredients and trends and TikTok propel forward a cycle that rewards the next and the new. Which brings us to the mass assault of updated formulas in May’s new beauty launches, including Giorgio Armani’s reformulated Power Fabric+ foundation, Clarins’ hero Lip Comfort Oil in brand-new packaging, Tower 28’s SOS Facial Spray’s sequel execution as a concentrated serum, among others. If you love something, try it again as a new thing! Or, just take these new launches as a sign to stock up on your old favourites.

This post: Glossier Lavender Balm Dotcom, DPTMNT and other new beauty launches

beauty sweep glossier lavender balm dotcom

For you if… your lips are in need of some lavender-honeyed TLC

Upon its release, Glossier’s Balm Dotcom — part of the original four-product line-up that launched Glossier as a D2C brand from its genesis as the very popular Into The Gloss blog — quickly became something of a hero product. “Lavender”, the latest flavour addition to Glossier’s lip salve lexicon since “Mango” in 2019, is floral and herbaceous, with a touch of honeyed sweetness and the balms’ signature barely-noticeable tint. (Lavender is, of course, purple.)

The launch comes with limited-edition merch in the form of a lavender hoodie and embroidered socks.



US$12 (Approx. HK$94)

beauty sweep giorgio armani power fabric plus foundation

For you if… you’re out of the original Power Fabric foundation

Giorgio Armani’s Power Fabric+ Foundation has a new “plus” in its name and a new formula to make it even more long-lasting than its Power Fabric OG from 2017. Power Fabric+’s fluid-to-powder formula promises twenty-four hours of comfortable, weightless coverage — though you should probably commit to not wearing any kind of make-up for twenty-four hours straight.

beauty sweep tower 28 sos intensive rescue serum

For you if… Tower 28’s SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray really worked for you

There are simply some products, for one reason or another, that reach cult-level status. Tower 28’s SOS Rescue Spray is one such product; a fan-favourite for those who suffer from angry, stressed out, irritated skin.

Developed to deliver its predecessor’s skin-saving properties with a more concentrated execution, Tower 28’s SOS Intensive Rescue Serum continues to centralise on hypochlorous acid as its hero ingredient. Like its blueprint, the SOS serum has received the National Eczema Association’s Seal of Acceptance™ — to the delight of dermatologists everywhere.


beauty sweep clarins 2022 comfort lip oil group

For you if… you want to hop on the lip oil trend with a forever favourite

There’s been a trend towards lip oils (over, say, balms) in recent years, with Clarins Lip Comfort Oil a firm favourite amongst those ahead on this adoption-innovation curve. Now upgraded from its original squared-off packaging with a cylindrical tubular casing, Clarins’ hero lip oil is hyper-moisturising — perfected with 93% naturally-sourced ingredients with eight tinted shades to choose from — and is glossy without that icky, sticky residue. Even better: it smells like candy.

beauty sweep dr barbara sturm aquazurra foot spray

For you if… your toes and soles need some tender loving prior to sandals season

These days, intra-industry brand collaborations are a dime a dozen, but smart, symbiotic link-ups between brands that operate in vastly different industries? Not so much. Dr. Barbara Sturm’s capsule with Aquazurra — yes, strappy Nappa leather slides and mules in gelato pastels galore — leans into Sturm’s impressive expertise with a foot spray made with Witch Hazel, Plankton Extract and Hyaluronic Acid because your ankles and toes need moisturising, too.

beauty sweep gucci beauty the alchemists garden fragrances

For you if… want to share your scent with your boo

Bringing The Alchemist’s Garden collection up to fourteen from twelve, Tears from the Moon and Love at your Darkest are both unisex, genderless fragrances; the first signified by a dragonfly and the latter a hawk rendered in gold on fancy white lacquered glass bottles.

Tears from the Moon headlines on Lily of the Valley heart notes, with a bouquet of white florals layering through hints of White Peony and Stephanotis (Madasgascar jasmine) for a smooth, sweet, delicate finish.

Love at your Darkest, rather, is dark and woody; enveloping Black Pepper, Incense and Cedarwood for an intoxicating olfactory experience that starts dry and spicy before landing on warm, resinous base notes.

The Alchemist’s Garden Love at your Darkest

HK$2,716 / 100ml

The Alchemist’s Garden Tears from the Moon Eau de Parfum

HK$2,716 / 100ml

beauty sweep tom ford lip color matte extension

For you if… you don’t want gloss anywhere near your lips

TOM FORD’s new Lip Color Matte Extensions are not your typical matte lipsticks. Rather than the crackly, incredibly drying finishes very much tethered to this genre of lip product, TOM FORD’s mattes smooth very comfortably onto the lips with a, yes, matte texture that’s velvety, Chamomile Flower oil-infused and intensely pigmented. Not your typical matte lipstick! These new shades — #24 Firebrand; #25 Suede Rose; #26 Obsessed; #100 Equus; #16 Scarlet Rouge — are sultry, warm-toned and tuned precisely for a tanned complexion on summer nights.

beauty sweep dptmnt skincare

For you if… you need to stock up on your travel-skincare rota

Your ten-step skincare routine, while effective, does not travel well. You’re either stuck purchasing inferior, travel-sized products for your trips away from home (vanity), or spending the night prior squeezing whozits and whatzits into spare contact lens cases, because of course you didn’t remember to stock up on those acrylic Muji stackables.

DPTMNT Skincare is built to combat this very annoying issue, with an entire skincare regime — consisting of an exfoliating cleanser, toner, vitamin C serum, anti-pollution serum and moisturiser — packaged in perfectly portable sachets. And if you think this is mad unsustainable; think again. All of DPTMNT’s sachets are recyclable through their partnership program with Terra Cycle.


Header and featured images courtesy of DPTMNT Skincare

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