How to incorporate Ultra Violet, Pantone’s colour of the year in your interiors

Purple has always been a colour that intrigues. For centuries, it has been associated with royals, nobles, spirituality, power and even magic. So we were all for it when Pantone announced Ultra Violet as its colour of the year.

Every year, Pantone’s chosen colour sets the tone (quite literally) for everything from fashion, film and television, and even home decor. The enigmatic purple hue is a dramatic change from the previous two years — where natural Greenery (2017) and pastel-perfect duo Serenity and Rose Quartz (2016) took over the world by storm. Think: 2016’s Rose Quartz, which brought about the masses’ obsession with millennial pink.

This post: How to incorporate Ultra Violet, Pantone’s colour of the year in your interiors

Ultra Violet adds a certain depth to a space. Whether you’re using a statement couch, velvet rug, painting, or accent wall, a simple touch of the blue-based purple is all you need to transform any interiors. We predict that this will indeed, be the trendy colour for mystics, dreamers (and basically everyone else) in 2018.

If you’re planning to redecorate your home and outfit your space with the mystical Ultra Violet, we’ve scoured the web for all the inspiration you need — so you don’t have to. From an eclectic living room to a sophisticated space set against black walls, check out these spaces that feature Pantone’s colour of the year for 2018.


ultra violet 1

The refined and regal Mikado suite at the Grand Hotel in Oslo features saturated plums and rubies with gold accents. This is contrasted with an Ultra Violet desk that adds a modern and unexpected jolt of colour.

(Image credit: Bright Bazaar)


ultra violet e1513151481858

Purple is the last colour you’d think of when designing a bathroom, but this photo proves that it results in a royal touch.

(Image credit: Decoratoo) 

ultraviolet6 e1513153282133

This living space proves that Ultra Violet can work with vibrant interiors, too — especially when complemented by millennial pink, teal, emerald green and gold accents.

(Image credit: Alyssa Rosenheck) 


An Ultra Violet curtain can brighten up an otherwise moody room.

(Image credit: Carl Hansen & Son) 



The beautiful Ultra Violet patterned rug gives the living space an eclectic touch.

(Image credit: Kati Curtis Design)


While Ultra Violet looks great in a home, you can also use it for external walls, such as this vibrant, deep purple tone that adds new life to your garden space.

(Image credit: Sandtex) 

ultraviolet11 e1513157180714

Black walls aren’t the easiest feature to incorporate into a home, but these purple rug and chairs add a sophisticated touch of colour.

(Image credit: Mike Baker) 


Ultra Violet adds an edge to 2016’s millennial pink.

(Image credit: De Gournay) 

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