Indulge your claws in the spirit of the Pride Month with these artistic nail ideas

Wear your technicolour lens as it’s time to take your nail drama a notch higher with these nail ideas for Pride Month 2022.

We’re kickstarting the month of pride, joy, and colour, so it’s time to embrace brighter and bolder hues and take pride in our identities. The month of June a.k.a. Pride Month 2022, is upon us and it is the perfect bait to lure you into the rainbow-coloured outfits, technicolour makeup as well as a colourful dose of nail drama. No matter which LGBTQIA+ flag you plan on waving, donning the spirit of a multi-colored society is why we celebrate this month in the first place. 

This post: Indulge your claws in the spirit of the Pride Month with these artistic nail ideas

Speaking of which, the gram sure is loaded with several Pride Month 2022 trends, so how about giving your nail beds a pride makeover? There probably is nothing in this world that a great nail art session can’t fix, right? On that note, we have an alluring lineup of nail ideas for Pride Month. So grab this opportunity to lend your support to the community by choosing the right splash of shades and the right set of motifs. 

It’s a rainbow surprise: Nail ideas for Pride Month 2022

Eye-catching french tips

IMG 7501

Well, let us kickstart the lineup of nail ideas for Pride Month 2022 with these minimal french tips. Who says, french nail art is just confined to white tips? Well, whoever said that didn’t really have a look at these technicolored french tips, giving your claws a hint of the Pride and a touch of vibrance.

Motif mania

IMG 7500

Well, now this one quite literally highlights the spirits of this month. From the tiny flowers, goofy smiley, heart motifs to the aesthetic rainbow, all of this rightly spells out ‘PRIDE MONTH’. So, if you’re a fan of motifs then this sure counts as a suitable idea for your next nail art session.

A ‘heartfelt’ tribute

IMG 7503

As suggested, this 3D heartfelt art in multiple shades is what perfectly describes the colour of love and the vibe of the month. From quirk to sass this nail art sure deserves a special mention on the list.

Love and only love

IMG 7508

What better than the four-letter itself to lend your support to the community. Every bit of this nail art reminds us of the beauty of love and the emotions that these lovely hues carry along.

The fiery edit

IMG 7504

Let us kickstart Pride Month 2022 with a fiery nail drama. If you’re into some bold nail arts, well then this one sure solves the purpose and the colourful flames definitely give a shoutout to the LGBTQIA+ community.


Say it with a smile

IMG 7505

A smile sure fixes it all! This one is by far the cutest addition to this lineup of nail ideas for Pride Month 2022. The ombre shades along with the white smileys sure give you a colourful vibe along with minimal nail art.


Pastel vision

IMG 7507 1

Just look at these strokes, the finish, the pastel palette, and of course, the multi-coloured vision, all of this makes it a perfect addition to the gallery of pride nails.


Say it with pride

IMG 7509

As they say, we should always save the best for the last, so let us end this lineup with this vibrant art, literally depicting each and every element of Pride Month. From bolder hues to pride imagery, this nail art sure deserves the star tag.

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