Instagram me: Shen-Tel Lee, designer

This time, we take a sneak peek into a day in the life of Shen-Tel Lee, designer and co-founder of Jewellery label Bowerhaus.


This post: Instagram me: Shen-Tel Lee, designer


Launch day for our biggest collaboration to date with the cult label dUCk. Arrived early to help with setup and go over details for the press and consumer event.


shentel 2

Breakfast inspired by the decadent pastries at Le Meruice in Paris, the hotel that inspired this collection.


shentel 3

Quick press photo with my sister and designer partner-in-crime Elizabeth Lee in our dUCkxBowerhaus scarves.


shentel 4

dUCkxBowerhaus scarves all lined up ready to go for the Press event.


shentel 5

Vivy Yusof at the custom dUCkxBowerhaus bracelet bar where she created her very own design to pair with her dUCkxBowerhaus Jade scarf.


shentel 6

Just one more missing from this photo, D.


shentel 7

Consumer event is in full swing and the line at the cashier and custom bar is insane. Still can’t believe how loyal and kind hearted all the dUCk fans were. Some customers waited for up to 5 hours to get their scarves. That is LOVE!


shentel 8

Personal portraits for all the guests.


shentel 9

Admiring the works of art and wishing that I got mine done. The line was just too long.


shentel 10

Home time! My feet at killing me at this stage. Didn’t forget to take this photo home with me from the photo table. What an amazing day!

To see more of Shen-Tel, follow her on Instagram @shentel

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