L’Appartement Louis Vuitton: What’s in a trunk?

Louis Vuitton presents L’Appartement Louis Vuitton, a range of specially curated Louis Vuitton pieces set in a unique space in the heart of the city. From November 2nd to November 11th, the Maison welcomes selected clients into its apartment on the 47th floor of The Orchard Residences.

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Designer Kian Liew decorates the space with Chinoiserie aesthetics. Image credit: Louis Vuitton

Designer Kian Liew dreamt up East meets West influence, working with a modern home washed in a rich palette of vivacious red, jade green, tangerine orange and midnight blue. Fretwork panels crafted in ebony wood are reminiscent of the geometric patterns inspired by traditional Ming and Qing dynasty furniture that makes a graphic backdrop in the living and dining areas, along with bamboo inspired ceilings and fixtures.

This post: L’Appartement Louis Vuitton: What’s in a trunk?

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A trunk lover’s dream come true! Image credit: Louis Vuitton

The modern space is truly a trunk lover’s dream come true. Complementing the chinoiserie aesthetic are trunks from the Louis Vuitton archives that were specially flown in – such as the Cigar Trunk, Wardrobe Trunk, Picnic Trunk, and innovative Perspex and exotic Runway Trunks from the Men’s Spring Summer 2017 Collection in collaboration with British artists Jake and Dinos Chapman.

For the first time outside of France, trunks in Monogram Eclipse, the new masculine signature canvas in grey and black shadow tones, will also be featured.

LAppartement Louis Vuitton Singapore 2
Smaller trunks for silverware and champagne make perfect centrepieces. Image credit: Louis Vuitton

While the iconic Louis Vuitton trunks are phenomenal, what we loved about L’Appartement Louis Vuitton were not just the trunks themselves, but the ideas presented about using specific trunks as furniture – such as a champagne trunk that would make a lovely centrepiece for your dining table, along with a psychedelic Boombox from the Women’s Cruise 2017 Collection that makes a statement on its own.

LAppartement Louis Vuitton Singapore 14
Stunning boombox from the Women’s Cruise 2017 collection. Image credit: Louis Vuitton

This shows that Louis Vuitton isn’t just a fashion brand, but one that adds a flair of luxury into everything and anything. The Midas touch, as we call it.

LAppartement Louis Vuitton 21
Beautiful cigar trunk that fits 1000 cigars. Image credit: Louis Vuitton

L’Appartement Louis Vuitton even features a trunk that can hold up to 1000 cigars. Because you know, every self-respecting adult needs a very fancy trunk to store 1000 cigars in their apartment.

Louis Vuitton’s in-house artisans can help make your trunk a unique piece. Image credit: Louis Vuitton

Exclusively created for this animation in Singapore, a specially designed motif will join other cities in the World Tour Monogram stickers alongside Paris, Shanghai and Miami. Clients can collaborate with the Louis Vuitton in-house artisans for their selections of these hand-painted “travel stickers”, placements and addition of initials or motifs that make each trunk a truly unique piece.

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