LGBTQ travel bloggers to follow on Instagram with pride

There’s no other experience and feeling in this world quite similar to that when you travel. You get to open your mind, expand your horizons, meet new people and witness the beauty and cultures you’ve never even dreamed of. Here are the LGBTQ+ travel bloggers you should know.

There are also certain limitations when it comes to traveling. Traveling to a different country or place, essentially, means immersing yourself in a particular culture and way of life. That also means that there are certain rules you must follow and know beforehand, and that couldn’t be farther from the truth for minorities – whether you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community, a woman, or a person of colour.

This post: LGBTQ travel bloggers to follow on Instagram with pride

This Pride Month, we list some of our favourite LGBTQ travellers doing this with panache and spreading love all over the globe. Whether the places you’re visiting are LGBTQ friendly or not, will your sexuality be a taboo and more, these influencers have got you covered.

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LGBTQ travel bloggers that will fill your heart with pride

Nomadic Boys

Married couple Stefan Arestis and Sebastien Chaneac have been travelling the world together for 10 years and counting, capturing their travels as a gay couple along the way and showcasing it to the world. This French-Greek duo quit their respective jobs as a lawyer and business analyst in finance to feed their wanderlust souls, eventually giving rise to their baby – the Nomadic Boys‘ blog. After having traversed the globe for long stretches at a time – 18 months each in Asia and Latin America – the couple now embark on small trips from their home base, Cyprus. Instead of righting off countries that consider homosexuality a taboo, they try to connect and support their gay brothers and sisters thereby publishing first-hand accounts of the local queer communities, giving LGBTQ+ travel advice, hunting down local gay experiences, safety tips for gay travellers and more.

Two Bad Tourists

In 2009, Austin and David decided to postpone their plans of settling in Chicago and embark on a global voyage instead. Then, three years of saving and planning followed, which resulted in a year-long adventure that took them across five continents and to more than 35 countries. Since then, the ‘two bad tourists’ have not looked back. The now-Spain based LGBTQ travel bloggers focus on exploring international gay-friendly destinations, festivals and events, while also sharing travel advice with fellow queer travellers.

This Colourful World

Lisa and Lauren, a Sweden-based travel couple, are all about bringing colours to the world and demystifying queer travelling for people globally. The dynamic duo not only pumps out brilliant travel advice but also churns beautifully crafted stories with the same ease. Justifiably so, considering Lisa is a musician, and Lauren – a videographer. As big animal lovers, their travel pictures are often graced with cameos by furry friends from around the world.

Couple Of Men

German-Dutch travel couple, Karl and Daan may be based out of Amsterdam, but they’re constantly on-the-go. To them, every inch of the Earth counts as ‘travel’. Whether it is the neighbourhood restaurant, or even undiscovered hikes, metropoles, natural wonders, and gay sports events from around the world… they show it all! Together, the proud advocators of gay rights have explored half a ton countries, across five continents.

Once Upon A Journey

Originally wanting to write folk- and fairytales all around the world, Dutch couple Roxanne and Maartje ditched their former plans and decided to inspire the LGBTQ+ community with their travel tales instead, particularly for lesbian couples. Together, they have explored over 45 countries, explored local flavours, interacted with queer folks, and set up a visual blog dedicated to their nomadic lifestyle. However, when their travel plans face a lull, the two collectively whip up vegetarian and vegan dishes for foodies to consume.

What Wegan Did Next

Whitney and Megan Bacon-Evans set travel, fashion and beauty goals for their followers with pictures from stunning locations, and prove how love is the only true language. The couple is based out of Windsor, the UK, and their stunning snaps are as inspiring as is their story – openly gay travellers, exploring the world and shattering stereotypes by the day!


Travelling couple Gabi and Shanna are lesbian travellers who are busy exploring the world. Based out of New York, the women have travelled across the globe, that too, on a plant-based diet! Their posts are fun, inspirational and offer lots of information on how to travel – both for hetero and LGBTQ travellers!

Alyssa Mccuistion

Alyssa and her wife Megan are avid LGBTQ travel bloggers with a strong Instagram community of more than 61k followers. The much-in-love couple is busy exploring the world together, spreading the message of love and sharing some stunning snaps depicting not only the beauty of the destinations they have travelled to, but their love for one another as well.

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