Lithe and light: 6 metal-frame sunglasses that won’t overwhelm your face

Depending on what look you’re going for, sunglasses can make or break your outfit. There’s a certain sleek look to metal framed shades. With the right shape and a complementary shade, you’ll be getting compliments from all around that’ll make you never leave the house without it again.

Most sunglasses nowadays come with the option of polarised lenses, reducing glare along with improving colours and contrast. While not entirely necessary, it helps on that long road trip driving into the glaring sun, or an afternoon out on a yacht by the shimmering ocean.

This post: Lithe and light: 6 metal-frame sunglasses that won’t overwhelm your face

Here are 6 metal-framed sunglasses to shield you from the sun. It wouldn’t hurt to bring a few of these for a resort getaway.

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These dark pair of pilot shades by Coach will definitely be great for a drive around town.

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These chic and stylish subtle cat-eyed sunglasses will definitely be your go-to pair.

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Ray-Ban RB3532 round metal folding

If you’re always wishing sunglasses could be more portable, these foldable Ray-Bans are the perfect pair for you.

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Tiffany & Co. TF3052B

These lightweight pair of pilot shades are perfect for an easy chic outfit, with thin frames to make you look the coolest on the streets.

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A stunning pair that’ll make you look elegant and classy with the flick of a wrist.

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These round frames are the embodiment of form and function, with high-quality materials and a comfortable frame.

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