Netflix announces 9 new mobiles games for this year

Get ready to play even more games thanks to Netflix. The streaming platform, which now offers mobile gaming, has announced new games coming this year inspired by its hit shows like La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) and The Queen’s Gambit.

Netflix is banking on its hit shows to boost the platform’s mobile games offering. On the last day of its Geeked Week 2022 event, the streaming service announced the release of nine mobile games this year, including games based on its series The Queen’s Gambit and La Casa de Papel.

This post: Netflix announces 9 new mobiles games for this year

What we know about the upcoming mobile games by Netflix

The chess-themed mobile game based on The Queen’s Gambit will feature a multiplayer mode and will offer chess lessons, puzzles, matches and online competitions with other players. Netflix has now unveiled the first trailer of the game. When released in October 2020, The Queen’s Gambit spurred renewed interest in chess, boosting online games and fuelling discussions on social networks — a success that Netflix still hopes to take advantage of to bolster its mobile games selection.

But The Queen’s Gambit isn’t the only source of inspiration for Netflix. The baking competition Nailed It! will also be adapted into a family-friendly puzzle game that is set to be released this summer.

The other major series getting the mobile-game treatment from Netflix is none other than La Casa de Papel. The mobile game version of the Spanish series will take players to Monaco as the team prepares to rob a billionaire’s casino. The game will only feature a single player mode.

Money Heist
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Finally, love is in the air as Netflix is planning a dating simulation game based on its reality TV show Too Hot to Handle, as well as a role-playing game based on the fantasy series Shadow & Bone.

The American streamer has made no secret of its plans to develop content relating to the world of gaming. The platform has notably turned Exploding Kittens and Cat Burglar into interactive games to promote user engagement.

And gaming is emerging as a trend on other popular platforms. In addition to Netflix, TikTok has also made a shift towards video games, which could prove highly profitable.

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