New travel locations explored in Arunachal Pradesh via TAD

In the recently concluded Trans Arunachal Drive (TAD), several unexplored areas were discovered that have a potential for tourism to boost travel to the state. Here’s what we know about the same.

The recently-concluded Trans Arunachal Drive (TAD) covered a total of 2,000 kilometres across the state on road, and the entourage passed through several untouched and popular spots in the area. The drive was organised by the Arunachal Tourism Board, in association with Mahindra, writes EastMojo, and took drivers on a journey of a lifetime, exploring the magnificent terrains. What’s more, the trip helped explore newer regions that have the potential for tourism in the future.

This post: New travel locations explored in Arunachal Pradesh via TAD

Arunachal travel: Discovering new places

The TAD helped bring to the forefront several destinations such as Rima, Lishu, Bomjir, Geku, Maryang, Kambu and Gori, as places that make for some of the most amazing drives and road trips. Travel in Arunachal is a tough task currently because a lot of these remote destinations remain undiscovered, because of connectivity and commute issues. However, the destination is home to regions such as Tawang, Itanagar, Mishmi Hills and more that have been attracting a lot of out-of-state tourists who come here seeking nature.

The state has the potential to become a tourist hotspot in the next few years, given the rising interest in travel to the North East. Many have been flocking to the destinations here to explore some scenic sights, and this recently-concluded drive has brought more such places to the forefront.

Improving connectivity to boos travel in Arunachal Pradesh

At the moment, one of the best ways to reach Arunachal Pradesh is to go via flight to Dibrugarh or Guwahati in Assam (or via train to Dibrugarh), from where one can opt for a cab to take them to Arunachal Pradesh. However, Home Minister Amit Shah announced plans to construct an airport in Arunachal, easing travel and allowing for more destinations in the region to be explored.

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