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Our favourite pre and post flight grooming tips for men

You may have your itineraries sorted but did you prepare your in-flight health and hygiene routine? Simply put, air travel comes with its set of cons. Long-haul flights can have plenty of irritable consequences on your skin. This is why your grooming essentials before a flight is as important as a grooming routine before a Monday morning. While keeping yourself continuously hydrated is a given, easy-to-use and efficacious skincare products might come in handy. From a moisturising cream to an anti-eye puff serum, these grooming tips and products for men will make you look snazzy even after a 14-hour flight.

Pre-Flight Routine

This post: Our favourite pre and post flight grooming tips for men

Tom Ford Men’s Face Cleanser, Rs 4,000 (approx)

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Before boarding, thoroughly clean your face. Always remember that in order to maintain healthy-looking, hydrated skin, you ought to cleanse it of all impurities. With a myriad of face cleansing options, it becomes quite a task to find the needle in the haystack. The Tom Ford purifying face cleanser is a great pick – formulated using a water-activated effervesce gel, it is specially designed to unclog pores without drying out the skin. It will leave your skin looking revitalised and smooth.

Creme De La Mer, Rs 24,000 (approx)

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Your skin has to put up with dry cabin air and low humidity, apart from the re-circulated cabin air. The path to flawless skin includes moisturising. The rejuvenating La Mer is one of our favourites because it dissolves into the skin without leaving a sheen. Packed with natural antimicrobial properties, keep this in your travel pouch and apply as and when your skin starts drying up.

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm

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Lips are more receptive to the changing atmospheric pressures. So, it’s best to always keep a lip balm handy. Our pick? The Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm. The lip balm doesn’t just instantly smoothen dry lips, it also wards off any environmental damage and protects from harmful UVA/B rays by intensifying the natural moisture barrier. It’s infused with green tea extracts, vitamin E, avocado oil, and shea butter.

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment

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Eyes can giveaway a terrible jet lag. Since the skin layer under your eye is soft, it is more prone to reveal stress. To avoid wrinkles after a journey, we recommend the Cream Eye Treatment by Kiehl’s. To look more refreshed (or, at least less enervated), slather it on before the flight and apply a layer of the eye serum after you land to steer clear of puffiness. The avocado oil and its noteworthy water-in-oil molecule will send your eye bags packing.

Post-Flight Routine

Terre D’ Hermes


The ultimate travel essential for the urban man should be an eau de cologne. Embodying a robust and masculine attribute, the Terre D’Hermes Pure Parfum Spray is our favourite due to its woody, chypre fragrance. With ever-popular strong notes of orange and grapefruit and the subtle infusion of benzoin and oakmoss, the cologne makes for the perfect travel companion.

Cetaphil Men Daily Face Cloths

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Before landing another destination, you need to prep your skin to suit the weather. Carry a packet of Cetaphil Men Daily Face Cloths for a quick face cleanup. It’s perfect to clean your face off the excess sebum oil and dirt. If you’re not in a hurry, pop into the nearest bathroom stall and wash your face with a cleanser – the Tom Ford purifying face cleanser. While you’re at it, don’t you forget to re-moisturise.

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