Put less stress on your feet with the new Hush Puppies Body Shoe

Relaunched in 2022, the new Hush Puppies Body Shoe aims to put less stress on your feet with the help of three breakthrough features.

The hustle and bustle of life has never been the friendliest factor. The on-the-go lifestyle has become a routine and with that, comes the scary ’S’ word. If you guessed ‘stress’, you’re completely right! 

This post: Put less stress on your feet with the new Hush Puppies Body Shoe

Anyone who’s constantly out and about understands the importance of the right pair of shoes. After all, they really do make or break one’s day. It’s essential to always be happy from the feet up and to choose a pair of shoes that puts less stress on your feet, like The Body Shoe from Hush Puppies.

The Body Shoe collection — first launched in 1984 — has been among Hush Puppies’ most successful and widely recognised shoes. Just like the brand’s iconic and adorable basset hound, the collection has been a cultural mainstay. Now, Hush Puppies are relaunching and reimagining The Body Shoe collection!

Why is the new Hush Puppies Body Shoe super lightweight and comfortable?

It’s not the time to hush right now. Say hello to the redesigned Body Shoe that’s now lighter and more contemporary than ever. Described as happiness-inducing from head to toe, the redesigned Body Shoe is equipped with the latest in foot-care technology. The question is: how does The Body Shoe help put less stress on your feet?

We set out to find out and the glorious answer lies in the three main features of The Body Shoe. In order to provide high-caliber and enduring cushioning, the collection is equipped with Body Shoe Bounce. Since Hush Puppies’ inception in 1958, comfort has always been at the core and the reinvigorated Bounce footbed now is made even better when combined with a custom 3D-printed heel pod.


Up next is Body Shoe Flex that’s included to allow more natural and comfortable movement all day long. How? The shoes contract and expand easier through flex and expansion grooves underfoot. Last on the list but definitely not the least is Body Shoe Protect. Made to keep shoes smelling and feeling fresh like your favourite avocado and sourdough toast, the new Body Shoe collection is furnished with anti-microbial and moisture-wicking treatment.

Hush Puppies’ latest relaunch is created for everyone, especially as a reintroduction to the younger generation of comfort-seekers. The Body Shoe line-up includes Spark Laceup, Spark Slip On, Elevate Laceup, Elevate Bungee, Breathe Toepost, and Breathe Slingback. Available in various colours, there’s something for everyone. It’s for you, and me, and the entire human race.

So, that’s one way you can put less stress on your feet; and a really interesting one, no less. Hush Puppies’ 2022 version of The Body Shoe promises healthier feet and mind as you get on about your day with one less stress to worry about. Oh basset hound, if you’re listening, that all sounds like great news!

The new Body Shoe collection is priced from RM299 to RM369. To find out more, you can head to Hush Puppies stores nationwide or visit the Hush Puppies Malaysia website.

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