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Review: Healthy Organic Wellness Lunch at Lounge on the Park

Living in Malaysia, we are incredibly blessed with super delicious, but not necessarily healthy food options. Keeping to eating healthy can be a real struggle sometimes, and at our weakest hour (lunch), the mamaks are always a-calling. That’s why we were very happy to hear of Lounge on the Park’s new Organic Wellness Lunch menu that will be available from now until 28 October 2016. With a spring in our step, we dropped by to have a taste of the healthy menu.

You can choose to have a nine-course Organic Wellness Lunch menu (RM148 nett) like we did, otherwise there’s also an Organic Wellness Lunch Bento Box (RM90 nett) that has four dishes, a soup and a dessert. Either option starts with a Detox Juice — a concoction of apple, celery, baby spinach and cucumber.

This post: Review: Healthy Organic Wellness Lunch at Lounge on the Park


Located on the Lobby level of Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur, Lounge on the Park is a straight path from the main lobby doors. There are outdoor seats with a view of the KLCC Park for those longing for a respite from concrete as well as comfortable lounge seats indoors, however the special Organic Wellness Lunch menus are served exclusively at the table island right in the middle. Whether heading there for this healthy lunch option, or for a few drinks with friends, the ambience is classy, comfortable and inviting.


MOKL organic lunch
The Salad Bowl has fresh lettuce that you ‘harvest’ yourself, Forrest Farm vegetables, edible flowers, herb vinaigrette and slices of sourdough crostini.

Bright and colourful, the Salad Bowl looks like a garden on a plate. Little rolls of cucumber and carrot are arranged among slices of sourdough crostini with edible flowers artfully placed to create a beautiful plate of vegetable. When served, you are presented with a pair of scissors and your own pot of lettuce to ‘harvest’. Though simple, we liked this fun little activity that allowed us to control the portion of lettuce leaves on our plates. The dish itself is light yet flavourful from the vinaigrette dressing, a good lead up to the main course.

Mo organic lunch main course1
Healthy, delicious and filling, we’d love to have more of this for lunch, every day!

The main course is a comforting combination of a couscous-stuffed baby pepper  with a tomato, tofu croquette, broccoli and mushroom jus. Although we’re not particularly fond of tofu, we really enjoyed the tofu croquette with its crunchy golden skin and soft, creamy filling. We would never have guessed that the entire dish is vegetarian!


The Organic Wellness Lunch nine-course is a definite must-try if you enjoy healthy, vegetarian dishes. Go for the health points, enjoy the interaction with the friendly chefs, feast your eyes on the beautifully plated food and most important of all, treat yourself to a creative, delicious meal. If you’re planning a detox session anytime soon, it’d be great to include this as your healthy meal option.

Lounge on the Park, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur, +60 3 2179 8883,

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