Rihanna directs Puma’s “Do you” campaign starring Cara Delevingne

After quitting her widely successful modelling career, Cara Delevingne has moved on to star in movies like Paper Towns and Suicide Squad, in pursuit of her own happiness. While completely off the runways, she does pose in front of cameras from time to time.

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Perfectly-toned abs.

With Rihanna as Puma’s creative director, it’s not hard to see why Cara would come on board the Puma express (they’re both very good friends). Set in lower Manhattan, New York City, Cara posed in small cafés and along the streets with strong stances and poses.

This post: Rihanna directs Puma’s “Do you” campaign starring Cara Delevingne

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Cara Delevingne looks like she can really throw a punch.

The campaign takes inspiration from a line Rihanna once said, “I dare myself to make things work. I don’t do things for the response or controversy. I just live my life.” It’s a no-brainer to why Cara was chosen as a muse; she’s a well-known advocate for women’s rights and always does what she deems fit.

To all the women out there, Puma’s encouraging you to stay true to yourself. Be strong, unapologetic and fearless. Take a little inspiration from the English model, “It’s about accepting who you are, no matter your faults.”

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