SC18 Alston is Lamborghini’s new road legal racecar

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This post: SC18 Alston is Lamborghini’s new road legal racecar

Lamborghini has a history that’s peppered with designing borderline road-legal supercars. The annual addition to their ground-thumping fleet of ‘bulls’ is the SC18 Alston, a one-off brute of aerodynamic intelligence and motorcross aesthetic. From gorgeous engineering to a trailblazing V12, with it Lamborghini have street-legalised a race car. To our surprise, the streets have given this thunderous V12 a green-light. Set to make its debut in 2019, the SC18 stands for Squadra Corse, Lamborghini’s racing division, and Centro Stile, the department that creates street-legal cars, as they join forces to architect this marvel. 


Squadra Corse’s experience and expertise in competition find expression in the extreme aerodynamics, guaranteed by racing elements such as the front hood, with air intakes inspired by the Huracán GT3 EVO, as well as the sides and rear feature fenders, fins and air-scoops that recall the Huracán Super Trofeo EVO.  


With the power of 770 horses on a single pedal, the Alston spits out 8500 RPM that’s a notch faster than its predecessor, the Huracan by 500 RPM. With motor-cross DNA, the Alston boasts a 7-speed transmission with a 6.5 litre guzzler. In terms of design, the Alston has trademark Lamborghini design headlights that look you dead in the eye when switched on. The rest of its face does take inspiration from the Huracan GT3 EVO while it serves its racing aesthetic. The ground clearance isn’t very road-friendly – a mere 110 cm (4.3 inches). The Alston also features a unique exhaust, which the automaker says, creates “a unique sound”. All of this, grounded by 20-inch wheels to the front and 21 inches to its rear.


The exclusive massive carbon fibre rear wing added in by Squadra Corse completes the car’s stride for aerodynamic design. But then again, Squadra wouldn’t frivolously throw in a spoiler to make an interesting detail; it has purpose. There are three different settings – one for maximum downforce and maximum drag; a mid-range one for a balanced setup; and the last for minimum drag and greatest top speed, all customisable as desired. 

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