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Shiseido Future Solution LX Infinite Treatment Primer is more than just a primer

The new Shiseido Future Solution LX Infinite Treatment Primer is the answer to combining the primer with a bounty of skincare benefits including anti-ageing, anti-oxidant and correcting properties, SPF 30 PA++, and more.

A primer is generally used as a base before makeup but Shiseido’s latest Future Solution LX Infinite Treatment Primer proves that there’s more to primer than just prep work. Looking at the primer in a new light, this coveted product is a revolutionary primer that’s jammed packed with hydration and skincare benefits. 

This post: Shiseido Future Solution LX Infinite Treatment Primer is more than just a primer

Luxurious and dual-purpose, the Infinite Treatment Primer nurtures skin while priming and perfecting its tone. Its new, hyper-potent formula instantly smoothens pores and corrects your complexion at the same time. While doing its magic, the formula also nourishes, protects, and revitalises the skin as well — containing more than 75% skincare ingredients.  

While you’re getting idea natural coverage and an instant glow thanks to the profound lustre of real pearls, the Infinite Treatment Primer also provides you with anti-ageing, anti-oxidant and SPF benefits — up to 8 hours of skincare benefits. 

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Pearlescent Beauty

The pearlescent element in Shiseido cosmetics is extracted from the rich, colourful nacre of Akoya pearl oysters that are native to the secluded saltwater bays off the coast of Japan. Synonymous with high quality, Akoya pearls are best known for their brilliant lustre and perfectly round shape. 

Tried and tested, the qualities of these Akoya pearl shells, the extract of which used in the new Infinite Treatment Primer, were truly evident as we experienced it during an intimate facial session organised by Shiseido recently. 

To achieve its authentic pearl-like finish, Shiseido blends three types of multi-polarised pigments. These pigments produce a range of intricately changing colours — shifting from yellow-green to mauve, pink to green, or blue to purple depending on the viewing angle and how the light hits. 

Radiance oil in the formula adds light and lustre to these pigments, contributing to the soft, rich, overlapping effects of diffuse reflection and specular reflection — creating a smoothing mix on the skin just as they do on the surface of a pearl. 

After cleansing, a simple application of the primer on the face offers instant clarify as skin tones and dull surfaces were clearly brightened. It can be used on its own to give your skin an even tone (works best for the guys) or with your preferred foundation and makeup. Watch as the skin is naturally evened out before you continue with your daily beauty rituals. 

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Two in One

Doubling as a primer and a skincare booster, this multi-effective boundary breaker brings both moisturising and makeup effects. What we love is how quick pores become less obvious and the brightening effects the Shiseido Future Solution LX Infinite Treatment Primer has on the skin. At the same time, the product also protects the skin from UV and prevents skin from adhesion of external aggressors in the air such as fine dust. 

The primer also holds makeup on and keeps your skin looking fresh all day. And Shiseido Future Solution’s formula, with its signature ingredient SklingenecellEnmei, provides multiple forms of skin protection — just like the pearl’s nacreous outer layer. 

Safe to say, the Shiseido Future Solution LX Infinite Treatment Primer is suitable for both men and women, and it is truly a must-have in your vanity pouch! But don’t just take our words for it. Head over to the nearest Shiseido store near you to try them on today. 

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