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Team Pick: Holy grail makeup for hot and humid weather

Here at Lifestyle Asia, we understand the innate voyeuristic need every beauty lover has when it comes to knowing what other people love to use. We might not be beauty gurus with 3 million subscribers on Instagram (some of us are barely scraping 300), but we’re taking a gander into answering pressing makeup and skincare questions with our tried-and-tested favourites, in hopes that you find your new holy grail product or routine that changes your life.

In this edition, we submit our ride-or-die makeup for hot and humid weather. These products have helped our individual skin types combat sweltering heat, Amazonian humidity, and everything else the weather gods behind Singapore’s notorious weather can throw at our carefully made up faces.



Clio Waterproof Professional Brush Liner

This post: Team Pick: Holy grail makeup for hot and humid weather

“Every single eyeliner I have tried will definitely smudge, or disappear halfway through the day, even if I sit in the office with the air-con turned on. The felt-tip brush liner makes it easy to draw, giving you lots of control. It dries really quickly too, so I can blink immediately after applying it. I once went swimming with it and it never came off.”

— Natalyn Chan, Intern, combination skin. 

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Urban Decay All-Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

“The first day I used this spray, I went home after 15 hours of being out, convinced that my face would’ve melted. Looking in the mirror, I felt like the Da Vinci Code had cracked before my eyes, and the universe sang its secret from the nozzle of this spray — my foundation didn’t fade along my T-zone to reveal my cavernous pores, vanquishing the realest struggle I face in this heat. Bless you, UD.”

— Beatrice Bowers, Writer, dry skin.

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Urban Decay Primer Potion

“Oily eyelids and humidity are a recipe for disaster in Singapore’s ceaseless summer.  To make sure my smoky eye or eyeliner stays intact all day, I like to apply a bit of Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion as a base before applying the rest of my eye make up. It helps the eyeshadow’s pigments show, blends easily, and keeps my lids matte.”

— Shatricia Nair, Writer, combination skin.



L’oreal Super Liner in Black Lacquer

I’ve been using this since I’ve started using eyeliners 10 years ago. I’ve tried other liners but nothing compares to this. It glides onto your eyelids smoothly, and you won’t have to keep dipping it back for more “ink”. It stays on for the whole day without smudging one bit, even when I perspire, or when it drizzles out. When it comes off, it’ll come off as a piece, like decal. Zero mess.”

— Gracia Phang, Writer, combination skin.

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Clinque Superbalanced Foundation

“I have skin that is oily in the T-zone, so I like that the foundation isn’t heavy or greasy. It lasts through the day, does a good job of covering blemishes and is pretty sweat-proof.”

— Sara Yap, Writer, combination skin.

Make Up For Ever Microfinish HD Powder


Make Up For Ever High Definition Powder

“This finely-milled setting powder helps lock in my base make up and controls oil production, keeping me as matte as humanly possible. It also makes my amateur base-blending skills look more polished than it really is.”

— Luann Alphonso, Editor, oily skin.

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