Tesla officially registers as a company in Thailand

The latest is: Tesla has officially registered as a company in Thailand. Here’s all you need to know.

A fortunate sign of the EV revolution in Thailand emerges as Tesla has officially registered as a company in Thailand with an initial registration capital of THB 3 million. The registration will definitely affect the price of this luxury car in the Thai market, allowing it to be more accessible to more customers.

This post: Tesla officially registers as a company in Thailand

The main purpose of Tesla’s extension into Thailand is to sell electric cars, energy storage systems, and energy production systems, which will ultimately subside the price of all Tesla cars in the market nowadays. Not having to deal with individual importers which add up to multiple taxes, car lovers will be happy to know that this could decrease the price of a Tesla by around THB 1 million, whether it’s Model S, Y, or 3.

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The operation in Thailand will be overseen by three primary board members: Global Senior Director David Jon Feinstein, Chief Accounting Officer Vaibhav Taneja, and Tesla Asset Manager Yaron Klein. The arrival of this famous EVs come just in time for the Thai government’s policy to encourage the use of electric cars, leading to a reduction in income tax on EVs and an increased number of EV charging stations around Bangkok.

While Thailand is preparing to welcome Tesla showrooms, Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive and SpaceX’s CEO, is moving forward with inspecting South Asia for a suitable location for its manufacturing factory base. Presumably, Indonesia is a potential choice, considering the company’s latest agreement to build a battery and EV factory in Java province.

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