The newly launched Mansion House in Alibaug is a perfect tropical luxury getaway

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This post: The newly launched Mansion House in Alibaug is a perfect tropical luxury getaway

Luxury travel indulgences of the newer age come with a unique set of novelties – off-site getaways, bespoke parties and destination celebrations. Earlier this weekend, we witnessed the launch of Alibaug’s newest luxury destination that offers all of the above novelties under one stylish roof. Being nothing short of a tropical paradise, ‘The Mansion House’ is located just a 100 kms South of the biggest western metropolis, Mumbai. 

Mansion House 3

Private Mansion

Mansion House 1 2

Veranda pathway

The new 25-room luxury property is owned by the Graviss Hospitality India Group and strives to be more than just a ‘bespoke event space’ for corporate or leisure indulgences. Located on the banks of the serene Sasawne Lake, the Mansion House offers a tropical poolside space with airy cabanas, large well-appointed rooms with outdoor decks, a stunning conference room, veranda restaurants, a recreational area, a state-of-the-art gym and a sky bar designated for sundowners.

Mansion House 4
Poolside bar space

Currently, the Mansion House exclusively allows complete property bookings, which includes 25 rooms and the aforementioned services. With the entire property exclusively available to use as per one’s whim and fancy, they can tailor make and craft any experience to reflect a special occasion in the most bespoke way. 

Mansion House 2 2
Poolside space surrounded by cabanas and stage-platforms.

Yesterday, we took a 25-min speedboat ride to the Alibaug docks, from which we drove about 10 mins inland to reach our destination. Upon arrival, we were greeted by tropical refreshments like coconut water and mimosas, we then proceeded to our designated poolside cabanas.

Mansion House 6
Exquisite rooms with and without balconies

The ambience of the Mansion House was a beautiful fusion of urban luxury and tropical indulgences, something every resident of Mumbai craves for on a weekend. We even received foot massages right at those cabanas, while all of this happened at poolside, it was a unique sense of serenity. 

Mansion House 5 2
The sky bar, The Mansion House’s designated sundowner area.

As far as stay was concerned, the double story mansion offers two room variants, both of 4000 sq. ft. and a few custom presidential rooms located on the ground floor. The real action however, is on their sky bar, sipping on champagne there and admiring the sun set into a tropical setting, was absolute tranquillity. It’s also a great place for post-dusk indulgences if you don’t fancy a pool setting. The Mansion House would be a perfect fit for corporate off-sites and small family gatherings. As they tailor-make the experience as per requests and suitability, it makes for a perfect bohemian-tropical experiences with city-like luxury treatments. 

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