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These are the best Bombay sandwich joints in Mumbai

Turn a corner at any lane in Mumbai and there’s a good chance you’ll find a little street stall packed with locals digging into a plump Bombay sandwich. The city has an iteration of the snack for every occasion and the carb and vegetable number makes for a delicious meal or post-workout grub. If you’re not sure where to get your fill of it, we’ve got a list of spots to check out.

From classic vegetable, butter, and sauce affair to more unique creations with potato chips and cheese – sandwichwalas in Mumbai can put most panini and burger joints to shame. A comfort classic, the Bombay sandwich is a product of all the cultures that have shaped the city into what it is today – from the Portuguese who brought bread and potatoes to the country to Gujaratis who popularised the addition of crunchy sev to culinary creations.

This post: These are the best Bombay sandwich joints in Mumbai

Reports state that the delicacy was likely developed to fuel migrant workers during the mill industry boom of the 60s. Today, several shops line the city, offering their own take on the snack. Some have been around for decades and use hot coals to pack in flavour while others have newer, more swanky contraptions. Each boast of a wildly varied clientele, serving up several portions of the comfort staple until the wee hours of the day. Whether you’re looking for your new favourite sandwichwaala or are keen on discovering this aspect of Mumbai’s unique street-food culture, we’ve got a Bombay sandwich recommendation for you.

Best places to get delicious Bombay sandwich in Mumbai

Say Cheese

This spot on Charni road has been serving up scrumptious sandwiches since 2008. On the menu are classic options like paneer grill, paneer bhurji, American club, Italian, and cheese grill as well as more innovative ones like chocolate and pasta hot dog. However, their crowning glory is the melting grill sandwich, a hearty treat that features three layers of bread stuffed with vegetables, mayonnaise, and chutney before being doused in cheese and topped with seasoning. You’re going to want to build up an appetite for this one.

Address: Shop 10, Paras Arcade, Supariwala Estate, Near Central Plaza, Charni Road, Mumbai


An icon in its own right, Sandwizza has been around since 1986. The menu here boasts of massive sandwiches and toasts made right in front of you. Options here include aloo toast, spinach corn toast, chilli cheese toast, paneer makhani burst grill, Mexican paneer grill, cheese pineapple, and only cheese grill. Most popular here is the Maha veggie cheese sandwich, which comes with jumbo bread, butter, chutney, vegetables – the whole shebang. The veg cheese grill is quite popular as well. Locals recommend asking for the house special red chutney that adds a kick to every bite. Wash these down with their range of creamy milkshakes.

Address: Monarch Nagar, Shriniwas Bagarka Rd, Akal Society, Andheri East, Mumbai

Popular Sandwiches

As the name suggests, this is a popular spot in the city for some authentic Bombay sandwiches. On the menu are grilled sandwiches in options like mushroom, pizza, vegetable, cheese, samosa, corn, and chocolate. There’s also an extensive menu of paneer sandwiches, schezwan to tikka. What stands out here is the perfect bread to stuffing ratio as well as addition of a delicious sweet-spicy sauce and well-portioned cheese. Don’t miss out on this one if you’re in the city.

Address: Orbit Eternia, NM Joshi Marg, Lower Parel West, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Raju Sandwiches

This spot, located next to HR college has the most perfectly toasted, well-balanced sandwiches. On the menu are options like masala toast, samosa toast, vegetables and cheese, masala cheese, and more. It also offers paninis in flavours like curry, cottage cheese, noodle cheese, pasta cheese, samosa, and chocolate. You could also pick between a host of rolls. The two spicy chutneys served alongside the sandwiches are delicious and a must-try.

Address: Opposite HR College, Churchgate, Mumbai

Jay Sandwich

Right next door to National College, Bandra, this beloved spot has been around for decades. Jay Mehta, the owner, began his business with a handcart, moving to a humble shop over time. On offer are sandwich options like grilled cheese, pizza, vegetable, paneer tikka, chilli cheese, and more. You also get to pick brown bread for your sandwich here! The cheese masala toast is wildly popular and a must-try. Wash it all down with their refreshing sodas.

Address: 32nd Road, Near National College, Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

Lucky Sandwich

Another old-time street food joint in Vile Parle – Lucky Sandwich is quite popular. On the menu are options like cheese sada, paneer masala, jam cheese, aloo cheese, grilled cheese, Mexican cheese, mayo cheese, panini, and more. With options to switch to brown bread, the sandwiches here are hearty yet well-balanced. Locals rave about the delicious, near addictive green chutney here and some recommend asking the staff for the pumpkin sauce as well. Gear up for crowds when you visit, this place is quite popular.

Address: Station Road, Bajaj Road, corner, Vile Parle West, Mumbai

Dhiraj Vada Pav

Most Bombay sandwich joints around Mithibai college are quite popular. This one is recognised for serving up delicious vada pav for over 20 years. However, it also does justice to the classic sandwich, and how! On the menu are sandwich options like schezwan, paneer, vegetarian grilled, cheese, and masala. There’s also a delicious chocolate cheese grilled sandwich for you to savour if you’ve got an experimental palate. Don’t miss out on this spot if you’re in the area.

Address: Opposite Mithibai College, Road 1, N S Road, Vile Parle West, Mumbai

Akkad Bakkad Bombay Boo

For the most indulgent, jaw-dropping Bombay sandwiches in Mumbai, there’s no better place than this iconic spot. On the menu are options like aloo masala, red pasta, American chopsuey, shahi corn, nawabi manchurian, and paneer tadka. The cheese blast and pahadi garam, especially, come highly recommended. Each of these sandwiches are loaded with cheese – a hallmark of the establishment and are stacked tall and proud before being served up. For dessert, try the cold chocolate sandwich or hot chocolate toast.

Address: Shop 4, 5, Flat 002, Near Shivar Garden, Mira Road, Mumbai

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