These are the best rug trends you need to follow this year

The right kind of rug or carpet can add the finishing touch to a room. So, whether you are an old-school aesthete or an on-trend maverick, rugs and carpets are the perennial accents you can depend on. But it can be a challenge to find the right piece. Confused about whether to go all floral or try striking geometric patterns? And what about plant fibres that are making all the right noise? Here’s help – we decoded the best rug and carpet trends for 2019

Vintage Appeal 

This post: These are the best rug trends you need to follow this year

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Whether it’s inherent nostalgia or just good taste, vintage is in. The style is about clean, sleek lines in pastel vintage colours. Vintage florals are also a popular choice – designers often reimagine them,  bringing them up to date with impactful scales and a romantic colour palette. Pick up carpets that are simple and functional; pieces with traditional floral designs or ethnic prints also work well. “These are perfect to warm up any space without introducing too many different colours into the setting,” says Ishrat Sehgal, creative director of Mishcat Co. “It also helps to make an existing space transitional, and works with both traditional and modern furniture.”

Purposeful Irregularity

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Opt for bold, playful geometric color blocked designs, which exude a sense of eclecticism. Whether you favour art-deco style, mid-century modern, or something contemporary, the options are endless. 3D geometric rugs are also having a moment. “It’s  time to lose your reluctance about statement colours and patterns – bold is the new black, though flooring was once expected to only be a neutral backdrop for the rest of your space,” says Kavita Chaudhary, design director, Jaipur Rugs. One benefit of picking up such a piece is that you don’t have to be extra careful about the décor – these pair well with a wide range of  furniture. Such a rug can also be treated as the centrepiece.

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This year is also about veering away from brights and investing in ombre carpets in unexpected colour pairings. Think bright reds leading onto pastel blues, crimson reds with rust, and turquoise into powder blues. The colour scheme not only conveys a sophisticated sense of abstract but also ensures that your living space is infused with the required dose of drama. If your floor has patterns, a gradient rug will definitely work.
Rustic Fantasy 

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Imperfection can be beautiful. Artisanal rugs with a bit of rustic touch as opposed to those that are machine-made, are good additions. Opt for handmade rugs with intricate weaving techniques and with undone threads hanging out, and chinks of uncoordinated colour here and there. “We can see a major incline towards artisan originals, and these rugs are a perfect choice to give your home a  contemporary feel,” says Chaudhary, of Jaipur Rugs.

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For those who don’t like patterns, ikats are an easy option. They have not only been favoured by leading fashion designers, but have also graduated to become a signature for interiors. After ikat cushions, upholstery, bed covers and curtains, it is time to roll out ikat carpets. “It has the ability to energise any muted space, and is a flexible choice that can refine the interiors without having to add too many décor objects” says Anu Gupta of Obeettee. So whether you are minimalist or a maximalist, a tasteful ikat rug can serve both purposes.

Natural Fibres

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As an offshoot of sustainability, opting for plant-based fabrics is catching up, and what better way than to pick up rugs and carpets made with plant fibres. “They can also be used in natural un-dyed form, retaining the natural colours from ecru to beige to brown while playing with techniques like heathering [yarns of mixed colours interwoven with greys to mute the tones],” Gupta adds. Remember the old school round rugs made from jute? They too are set to make a comeback this year. In case you don’t want it to look like you are stuck in a time warp, pick them up in some bright hues.

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