These countries are allowing visa on arrival for Indian passport holders

Your international travel plans are set to be remade in 2022, as these countries are offering visa on arrival for Indian passport holders this year. So, where will you jet off to?

Amid the pandemic, travelling abroad may have been a tough task. But if you’re looking to jet off now, we have some news for you. Visa applications and approvals can be a stressful process, so if you want to board a flight and explore new international destinations, these popular countries are allowing visas on arrival for Indian passport holders, according to the Ministry of External Affairs. Check them out below!

This post: These countries are allowing visa on arrival for Indian passport holders

Popular countries offering visa on arrival for Indian passport holders


One of the most popular vacation destinations for Indians, Thailand is now open for travellers, and is also allowing visa on arrival facilities for those who hold Indian passports. Visit there this summer and explore the many beaches and islands the country has to offer!


India’s neighbouring country, Myanmar, is a beautiful place to travel to – especially on a budget. The place, complete with its many temples, delectable cuisine and varied landscape, makes for a great destination to travel to, for solo travellers as well as those in groups. What’s more, the country is offering visas on arrival for those with an Indian passport!


If you’re looking for a beachy honeymoon or vacation but don’t want to travel to the Maldives or Mauritius, may we suggest a trip to the Seychelles Islands? Tranquil beaches, delectable seafood and stunning weather are what await you here, setting the perfect mood for a romantic vacation or a leisurely vacation. What’s more, the country is visa-free for Indians, only requiring travellers to possess a travel permit!


Another great destination to explore which is close to India is Malaysia, which has recently launched its visa on arrival facilities for Indian passport holders. All you need is a confirmed air ticket and you can avail the visa for up to 15 days at a nominal fee!


Clear blue waters, deep-sea diving, stunning resorts and scrumptious dishes are just a few of the things that await you at Mauritius. The popular travel destination is among those that do not require Indians to hold a visa prior to arrival, and is a great country to visit for a laid-back vacation.


Among the destinations that allow Indians to travel visa-free for upto 30 days, and for those with longer stays can opt for a visa on arrival. The country is home to some stunning travel destinations such as Bali and Jakarta, and is a must-visit for a fun vacation.


Visiting Nepal is easy from India – you can book a flight to Kathmandu or reach the country via road. And as long as all your travel documents are in place, you will be able to avail a visa on arrival without much hassle. The country has a lot to offer in terms of travel experiences, so be sure to make the most of them!

The Maldives

The Maldives is among the most popular destinations, with its luxury villas and hotels, budget stays and some stunning experiences such as scuba diving, snorkelling, whale watching and more. Among the first places to have reopened amid the pandemic, the destination is a must-visit for those with an Indian passport, especially since the country allows these passengers to obtain a visa on arrival.


Qatar is among the most popular countries to visit this year, owing to the FIFA World Cup. The stunning destination is also a great place to visit for travel, and is allowing Indians to visit by availing a visa on arrival. So, are your travel plans sorted yet?


Bhutan is another great destination for those looking for some laid-back adventure, and if you have an Indian passport, you can avail a visa on arrival!


Macau is a great destination offering a blend of Chinese and Portuguese cultures and it makes for a great destination for a short visit. The culturally rich destination allows Indians to stay visa-free as long as they are there for less than 30 days, and visas for stays longer than this duration can be easily obtained.


Stunning beaches, magnificent temples and rich heritage are what await you in Cambodia. Witness the best of the country’s offerings, that too, by availing of a visa on arrival if you possess an Indian passport!


As long as you are travelling by air to reach Vietnam, you can avail yourself of a visa on arrival and enter the country. The place makes for a great affordable trip, and allows you to witness stunning sunsets and amazing adventures.

Ivory Coast

The West African island nation is among those that allow Indians to visit with a visa on arrival – however, be sure to apply for the pre-approval letter before you travel, so that you can simply land at Abidjan and pick up your biometric visa on arrival.


Stunning beaches, forests and a lot more await you in Fiji, a stunning vacation destination that allows Indian passport holders to avail of a visa on arrival. Go for a laid-back vacation, explore all it has to offer and make the most of your trip there!

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