Tiffany & Co.’s new fragrance launch party

Last Thursday, Tiffany & Co. celebrated the launch of its new artisanal fragrance at its stunning blue boutique within The Emporium Shopping Complex. Created by world-renowned master perfumer Daniela Andrier of Givaudan, the new scent is an exquisite blend of precious iris flower, vert de mandarine, floral musk and patchouli. Like all of the jeweler’s creations, the fragrance is bright, sensual and long-lasting. Francois Saurel, General Manager of Coty Prestige Southeast Asia, flew in to give a welcoming speech and unveil the timeless scent. The party attracted many socialites, fashionistas and celebrities, all sharing their personal thoughts on the first-ever Tiffany fragrance. Click ahead to see photos of from this exclusive launch.



Chalita Pattanacharoen, Francois Saurel and Apinya Dolan

This post: Tiffany & Co.’s new fragrance launch party

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Chayapa Chutrakul, Pimlert Baiyoke, Chulalux Piyasombatkul and Choopunood Rojsiriruch

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Athiwat Toothongkham and Chulalux Piyasombatkul


Apinya Dolan, Rungtip Isarankura and Sippakorn Pasuwan

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Natapree Pichaironarongsongkram

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Pitcha Thanalongkorn and Rinrata Indamra


Cinnamongal – Duangkamol Tirawat and Feonalita – Saranya Sathukijchai


Natapree Pichaironarongsongkram, Pawadee Isarankura and Krissiri Sukhsvasti


M.R. Usnisa and Krissiri Sukhsvasti



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Pitcha Thanalongkorn, Pawadee Isarankura, Rinrata Indamra and Chayapa Chutrakul

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