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Top Indian dishes from MasterChef Australia to make at home

If you’ve been watching the recent seasons of MasterChef Australia, you know that the contestants have showcased some stunning Indian dishes. We’ve rounded up some of the best ones, with recipes, to try at home.

MasterChef Australia enjoys a massive fan following not only in its home country but in nations worldwide. Australia is home to immigrants from nations all across the world, and over the show’s 14 seasons, the culinary advancement has gone from Australian, American, and English classics to global cuisines such as Italian, Caribbean, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Indian.

This post: Top Indian dishes from MasterChef Australia to make at home

Over the years, several Indian (and Indian-origin) contestants have made their presence felt on the show, and some others have realised their love for their home cuisine throughout their journey on the show. Many others, who were introduced to Indian cuisine later in life, have been showcasing their culinary prowess with dishes comrising Indian flavours on the show.

With winners such as Justin Narayan and Sashi Cheliah, and contestants such as Sarah Todd, Depinder Chhibber, Kishwar Chowdhury and more, Indian dishes are making their way into Mystery Boxes, Elimination Challenges and more, gaining appreciation both from audiences as well as the judges.

So, if you’re looking to recreate some popular Indian dishes from MasterChef Australia in your home kitchens, we have some recipes from Season 13 and 14 for you. Fair warning, because you’ll be salivating by the end of this story!

Top Indian dishes from MasterChef Australia you need to make at home

Goan Pork Vindaloo by Sarah Todd

Ever since she appeared in season 6 of MasterChef Australia, Sarah has spent a lot of her time travelling in India, and exploring the various cuisines the country has to offer. Back as a contestant in season 14, she has whipped up some amazing Indian dishes, including Goan Pork Vindaloo, which she made for the second round of the time-based elimination challenge. Round one had her make a 10-minute bhel puri, while the second round was an overnight cooked pork steeped in spices, and served with some rice.

Get the recipe here.

Papdi Chaat by Ali Stoner

If you’re fond of chaat, you’re sure to love this one. In an immunity challenge during season 14, Ali Stoner took the judges by surprise by using an air fryer (the equipment everyone had to cook with) to make an Indian favourite, papdi chaat. Complete with crispy papdis topped with spiced chickpeas, sweet yoghurt, chutneys and sev, the judges declared her version as one of her best dishes ever, and judge Jock Zonfrillo stated that her dish “would make entire North India very happy.”

Get the recipe here.

Butter Poached Lobster with Spiced Bouillabiasee by Sarah Todd

In one of the most interesting challenges of season 14 so far, Sarah Todd produced a stunning lobster dish fused with Indian flavours. The dish, a fusion of French culinary techniques and flavours of India, won not just the judges’ hearts, but also bagged her an immunity pin and a whopping AUD 10,000 (INR 5,57,618).

Get the recipe here.

Spiced Fish Curry by the Orange Team

big fish
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If you love Indian dishes, a date night seems incomplete without a delicious blend of luxury and familiar flavours. The orange team delivered just that, when they produced a stunning portion of a Madras spiced Fish curry, served with a side of fragrant rice. The team, comprising Sarah, Julie Goodwin, Michael Weldon and Mindy Woods, produced the flavours as part of their date night delivery menu challenge, and managed to impress the judges with the delectable flavours of the meal.

Get the recipe here.

Smoked Rice Water With Aloo Bhorta And Sardines by Kishwar Chowdhury

Masterchef Australia season 13 had a lot of contestants with an Indian heritage, who put up some stellar plates of food for the judges that highlighted Indian dishes. Among them was Kishwar, who made the humble panta bhaat, elevating her dish with smoked rice water, a delicious aloo bhorta and some sardines on the side.

Get the recipe here.

Ghewar with Carrot Sorbet by Depinder Chhibber

Right at the beginning of season 13, Depinder Chhibber impressed judges by serving up a traditional Rajasthani Ghewar with a carrot sorbet in the audition round. The dish, which won her entry into the coveted competition, quickly made her a household name as she continued to put her own twist to traditional recipes and kept serving delectable flavours of India to the MasterChef judges.

Get the recipe here.

Goat Rezala with Porota by Kishwar Chowdhury

One of the most flavourful dishes Kishwar cooked in the MasterChef kitchen was a Goat Rezala with Porota. The rezala, a fragrant, mildly spiced curry, won the judges over, who could not have enough of it. And the flaky porota made for the perfect accompaniment to soak up all the curry flavours. However, when making the dish at home, the porota can easily be replaced with rice for a different flavour profile and mouthfeel.

Get the recipe here.

Chicken 65 With Fried Noodles by Depinder Chhibber

If you’re looking to jazz up your packets of instant noodles but can’t decide what to do with them, Depinder’s take on Chicken 65 might just be what you need. In MasterChef Australia season 13, one of the most loved Indian dishes by Depinder was her Chicken 65 fried noodles, which she made in a challenge that required contestants to elevate, well, instant noodles. Crispy fried chicken served in a delicious sauce with some fresh onions and coriander, is a dish that’s sure to be a hit at your next home party.

Get the recipe here.

Indian Chicken Curry by Justin Narayan

indian chicken
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In his audition dish, MasterChef Australia season 13 winner Justin Narayan wowed judges with his take on a classic Indian Chicken Curry, which he elevated with crispy chicken skin, and an apple and cucumber pickle. Throughout the season, he continued to serve up dishes inspired by his Indian and Fijian heritage, ultimately bagging the coveted title and lifting the MasterChef trophy.

Get the recipe here.

Fish Amritsari by Depinder Chhibber

Paying homage to her home state, Punjab, Depinder whipped up a delectable Fish Amritsari in her season, wowing the judges with the robust flavours and perfect sides of lemon and chutney. The dish, a popular bar snack, was made in Josh Niland’s fish challenge, and Depinder nailed the desi flavours with this one.

Get the recipe here.

Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy of @sarahtodd/Instagram

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