Treat your dad to special gifts with the ultimate gifting guide

Your dad may talk about not wanting anything special for Father’s Day, but don’t fall into that trap and make the mistake of not giving your dad a little something this year, even if it’s not that expensive. After all, he taught you to always celebrate the people who mean the most to you, whether they like it or not. And if there’s ever a day to go all out for the man you’ve always looked up to (quite literally), it’s Father’s Day. So, here’s the best Father’s Day gift guide.

Give him a smile and something he’ll actually use, rather than the same thing for the third year in a row. But don’t put it off too long! This holiday usually seems to sneak up on us, and shipping has been a nightmare, so place your orders as soon as possible if you want them to reach in time— or, alternatively, mail it directly to him.

This post: Treat your dad to special gifts with the ultimate gifting guide

Also, in case you miss it— calling all last-minute shoppers— know that he would be just as delighted to unwrap a gift a few days late as he would on Father’s Day itself. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right? Keep scrolling to choose your best pick from this Father’s Day gift guide.

Best Father’s Day gifts for every type of Dad

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Treat you dad to this stunning Indigo Bootis Shirt Kurta featuring mandarin collar which can be worn as casuals with jeans or layered with a blazer for semi-formal events. These shirts were made popular by The Beatles who wore them with Nehru-style jackets during the Hippie Generation.


This Father’s Day indulge into mellow’s hair fall essential encased in handmade bamboo basket made by their local artisans of Assam. This box is a luxurious blend of Ayurveda for the body glow ritual. This set is perfect for all-natural ayurvedic body polishing. It is a beautiful gifting idea for your loved ones who are looking to begin their journey of getting closer to nature with Ayurveda.

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Get you hands on these gender neutral skincare from Bella Vita Organic featuring the Kumkumadi Face Wash which removes dirt and impurities for cleansed skin. The Kumkumadi Day Cream will penetrate deep into the skin for intense moisturization, making it plump and velvety soft. Blended with natural herbs, such as Saffron, Turmeric and Sandalwood, the Kumkumadi Face Oil adds a natural glow and radiance to your skin.

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This is the great present for any dad who enjoys coffee. In partnership with designers Anderssen & Voll, Araku has developed a range of bespoke Italian coffee makers. A design representative of Scandinavian minimalism, this equipment would not just create the perfect brew for you in about 10 minutes, but would also blend in elegantly with your kitchen.

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Gift your father the pleasures of their therapeutic and purifying formulas. Enjoy the finest skin solutions coming with their handmade bathing bar and nourishing body oil, filled with multiple herbal plants and therapeutic oils. Get ready to please your senses and purify your home with their aromatic Lily incense cone. This kit consists of Divya Body oil and Cardamom & Mint Handmade Bathing Bar Soap.

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Whether your dad spends most of his days in the office or loves to go out, Savour and Aura have a scent that is suitable for your father. Voyage is an endearing, adventurous and sophisticated fragrance that complements those who never settle. Its opening note is a tranquilizing spice which eventually progresses into a citrus middle note and finally, a floral base note to conclude the olfactory journey.

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Who said skincare is only for women? This Father’s Day, pamper your dad with Indulgeo Essentials’ Argan Oil. This is the nonpareil anti – ageing, healing & restorative solution for all kinds of skin & hair. This transformative oil is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, with its high content of antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamin E, the benefits of argan oil naturally help revitalize skin, increase hair’s elasticity and consistently restore shine to dull, lifeless hair. It is a lightweight, fast-absorbing golden-colored oil rich in multitudinous antioxidants, Vitamin E, Omega-6 fatty & linoleic acid.

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Give your father, who works hard every day, this present that is intended to bring money and success to the giftee, which is a wonderful thing to manifest.

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If your dad’s never been one for a skincare routine, it’s not too late to get him started. This kit designed for skincare newbies comes complete with a face wash, face scrub, and moisturizer.

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They weren’t exaggerating when they called this the “ultimate grill set.” Your dad will find 36 pieces in this carrying case that any skilled griller would enjoy.

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If he’s an e-reader, spend some money on this Kindle reader and download books you know he’ll enjoy. Also, the design is quite old-school, which he would like.

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If he enjoys picnics and beach days, he’ll love this stainless steel chiller to keep his favourite bottles of wine cold.


Rs 9,003 (approx.)

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This customised gift from Personal Touch Skincare would be ideal for getting your dad started on a basic skincare routine. The Facebath results in deliciously clean skin. This foam-free solution cleans pores and fights shine long after you’ve washed it away. It cleanses and refreshes the skin completely. Their Youthburst moisturiser is a rich water gel moisturiser with green tea essence that rapidly hydrates and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Thatmatt performs an excellent job of shielding the skin from dangerous UV radiation.

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This Father’s Day, why not make it a self-care day for your dad? Indulge your dad with this Self Care Party Pack Combo, which includes a variety of fantastic products such as Manuka Honey and Yoghurt Serum Moisturizer with Vitamin C Serum, Pure Rose Face Mist, Jade Roller and Gua Sha, Magic Cotton Pads, and Blush Paper.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Question: How to choose the ideal Fathers Day gift?

Answer: There are three things you should keep in mind: Budget, Fill a need and make it all about him, not the gift’s glory. Keeping his favourite thing in mind, search for anything that will help him with it. Even if the present is tiny, it is the thought that counts.

Question: What are the most affordable gifting options for father?

Answer: Here are a few inexpensive yet thoughtful gift ideas to consider: A “World’s Best Dad” cup, a card, a customised pen, a personalised initial bracelet, a shaving kit.

Question: What are the homemade gifting options for Father’s Day?

Answer: Put on your thinking cap because there are several homemade present ideas for your Dad. A handcrafted snack tin filled with his favourite snacks, a tea gift box, a beer bouquet, a card, a customised initial coaster set, a picnic excursion, goodie basket, homemade cake.

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