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What to know about the Manish Arora x Kama Ayurveda Beauty Box

Pink and pretty, the stunning rose mist bottle fits into our Indian beauty regime like a dream. And accompanied by a tiny heart brooch and gorgeous packaging, Manish Arora and Kama Ayurveda have made a stunning product for the Instagram hoi-polloi in India. It works beautifully, because it’s a partnership born out of passion and fun, and proves that one can pair tradition with millennial spunk. And the fact that both, in their own ways represent two different aspects of India, makes it an association worth applauding.


This post: What to know about the Manish Arora x Kama Ayurveda Beauty Box

“When Vivek Sahni, Kama Ayurveda’s co-founder, approached me with the proposition of this collaboration, I was certain I wanted to come on-board. While our individual brand philosophies may vary, our commitment to the ‘Make in India’ cause is what really brought us together. We were able to come to a common ground with the concept of the association that resonated strongly with both of us and that to me was the real deal clincher,” admits Arora who has always upheld the ‘Made in India’ torch through his work in both India and Paris. And with Kama Ayurveda now looking to engage the digital market and move towards a more global approach, a Manish Arora pairing hits the right target audience.

The limited edition box scores big on packaging – the heritage gold embossed lettering that is a Kama staple, in a fuchsia pink Manish Arora box. Priced at Rs 1,850, the set comes with Kama’s best selling rose mist (which is making a big comeback) repackaged beautifully, and with a custom Manish Arora heart brooch.

“Kama’s bestselling rose mist happens to be part of our collaboration and that is sweet and refreshing, and the personality tied in beautifully with our theme on the occasion of Valentine’s Day,” adds Arora who insists that the pairing is immaculate with a product that fits into the global aesthetic of beauty quite neatly. Rose water is the real deal, the Indian toner that was popular way before new Korean fare came about. The fact that this partnership reintroduces the concept of rose water toning also adds to it.



The timing of it was perfect too – Arora believes in keeping things celebratory and is a fierce advocate of love in every way. “The collection is special for me. What it really stands for – a celebration of inclusivity, diversity, and most importantly, universal love makes it the perfect gift this season,” explains Arora. “Kama Ayurveda’s brand personality is vastly different from brand Manish Arora and that reflects in our creative interpretations as well. For a layman, these two brands aren’t a natural fit and that’s what really makes this association unique. Having said that, Vivek and I had a unified thought of building on the concept of celebrating love in all its facets and that really made this collaboration a reality. We were able to perfectly balance both our sensibilities to create something beautiful and that is our biggest achievement,” he adds.

So, is there more we can expect from Manish Arora in the beauty field? “Never ‘expect’ when it comes to me because I love to surprise,” he says.

Buy the Kama Ayurveda X Manish Arora beauty box here. 

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